Introductions and Greetings

Introductions and greetings require speechmastery in order to have the most impact. By implementing both what you say and how you say it, you can brighten up an otherwise dreary day in a fellow human being. The words of your meet and greet may even be able to have an impact in someone's life.

There are introductions and greetings in public oratory. This is not about speaking on the podium. This is about the words you use in a meet and greet.

Why have impact in a greeting? Your greeting is your first impression. Greetings are one if the keys you can use to open the mind to listen to what you say next.

So, what can you say in a greeting? How can your greeting help you stand apart from the competition? Below are a few ideas. Try them out and see what they do for you.

Most people greet with the statement...Hi, how are you doing?

It is not meant as a question although it is asked of you. People often do not really mean it as a question. It is only a greeting. When you do not treat it as a greeting, it will throw the other person off guard. This can be a good thing or a bad on your behalf.

The Bad

If you are asked how your doing and you respond that your not doing well, if anyone actually hears you, they will not know how to respond. If you say you are sick or if you say that you have terminal cancer it will further disrupt your relationship or anything you hope to accomplish.

Imagine you could bring about a positive change in the mindset of your listener.

The Good

When asked how you are doing, if you respond with something like....fantastic but I will get over will find that the people you say it to will smile, perhaps even evoking a chuckle. In so doing, you give something good to the listener. You will give them a brief paradigm shift. A different way of thinking.

Can you come up with your own unique greeting?

Greetings: The List

  • fantastic but I am getting better (thanks to Zig Zigglar)
  • wonderful but I am getting better
  • wonderful but I will get over it
  • fantastic but I will get over it
  • great, but I will manage
  • I’m feeling partly sunny with a 80% chance of happiness
  • this is a great day to be alive (many will say...they all are)
  • perfect
  • wonderful
  • great
  • fantastic
  • If I were any better I would spontaneously combust. (Thank Lisa Eiswerth, Rock 107 & Cool 92.1 in PA)
  • If I were any better, I would be 2 people. (Thanks Lisa Eiswerth & one of my personally used favorite greetings from the early 1970s)

What can we add to this list of greetings for all?

The Goodbyes suggestions will be coming soon. Please stay tuned and come back.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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