The Law of Attraction Action

Some of the law of attraction naysayers ask about action. The law of attraction action is an essential part of the workings of the law.

The Law of Attraction Action: A True Story of the Law and the Effort

Since I was about 4 years old, I had ideas about and thoughts on health care issues. For that matter, I was born with a birth defect that was so bad, according to my mother, the doctors were considering putting me in leg braces.

Although I do not remember exactly, my gait was either pigeon toed or duck toed. I knew this because one day, kids were making fun of the way I walked.

By the way, I could spell at age 3 and by age 4 was able to read because of the training of my grandmother.

The day these kids were making fun of my gait, I pulled out the Compton's Encyclopedia, and started my research. This was at my Grandparents home in Commerce City, Colorado. This was the day of learning what a proper gait was. I was 4 years old.

On that day, I first started practicing walking right. I would look down at my feet and make sure my toes were pointed straight ahead.

Looking at my feet soon got boring. Then, with out any coaching or training, I just thought about it. I stopped looking at my feet and rather imagined walking correctly. Whenever I saw anyone walking, my mind went to the visualization of walking correctly only with out looking at my feet.

From that day on, to avoid other kids making fun of me, I made sure and walked correctly. I never told anyone about this until I was in my mid 30’s when telling my mother. This is when I found out about the braces.

So, regarding the law of attraction action, my action was thinking and then doing what I was thinking about.

Something more important happened. It was on that day that I started my interest with medicine, doctors, and health care. Although never considering working in the field, reading health care information became a passion to indulge from time to time through the years.

Nobody in my family for several generations past had ever gone to college. Actually college was discouraged as I was growing up with a few different families, either of blue collar or farming lives.

So the thought of becoming a doctor never entered the picture. There was a magnetic attraction to health care none the less.

Fast forward 30 years from that day and add a few decades of training and experience in using the law of attraction, I found myself reading a book called What Color is Your Parachute.

For those who do not believe in the Law of Attraction, I would recommend the pessimist version of the book called, What Color is the Hole in Your Parachute. Again, this was a law of attraction action I was taking, although not recognizing it.

On completing the book, it became clear that one of the perfect jobs for me was to become a nurse. More importantly, based on the book, nursing would be the job of my passion. And it proved to be true.

Do you see the Law of Attraction Action up till this point. There was reading of various books, journals and magazines. I read everything from Rhodale's Prevention to occasionally JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).

Still, as always, having an interest in health care, at this point in my life, the reality was now a possibility. However, how would I be able to afford stopping work and going to school.

Here too, more law of attraction action was required.

The Action Factors

This was at a time just as computers and the internet were getting more popular. I did a bit of research on the topic although there was only limited information.

I had experienced or had been taught the secret for over 20 years. I knew that, as crazy as it sounds, the universe will give you your hearts desire.

Nursing required at least a 2 year degree.

Putting this all together, taking action, I was able to get my nursing degree and become a registered nurse.

The Actions

The first action was reading the parachute book.

The second law of attraction action took me to the library.

Then the computer, researching more on nursing. This lead me to researching how getting a 2 year degree was possible.

Please understand that I do not believe in this as being some metaphysical thing that happens to people. Even so, I have to wonder if the Universe seems to have a sense of humor. To make sure I did not miss the boat, I lost my job.

Now I needed both a way to get my nursing degree and a way to pay the bills.

Turns out, there was a program that paid for my nursing education as a LPN. Additionally, it was possible to challenge the first year of my RN education based on my LPN education.

Do you see the action involved here. I perused the goal, researching and asking questions. Even though I did not know what I did not know, I managed to find what I was looking for.

To become an RN required studying everything required as a LPN only deeper.

Since I had to study for the LPN anyway, it became apparent that it was possible to study for both the LPN and RN classes at the same time. I even took some of the classes at the same time. My LPN instructors did not approve and the brakes had to be put on my RN education.

Then, once out of LPN school, I found that it was possible to take classes at three different colleges at the same time.

So, instead of taking 3 years, it was possible to get the RN degree in less than 18 months.

Oh yea, about the income or lack of income. Since the reason for losing my job fit into one of the programs at the time, it was possible to have both my nursing classes paid for and a stipend to cover my lost income.

The universe did not hand me my nursing degree on a silver platter. The universe did give me a nursing degree. It required action. It required work, at times, hard work.

We have to work in harmony with what we are asking for from the universe.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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