Law of Attraction and Manifestation

How does the law of attraction and manifestation apply to you?

First, let me say, I do not believe in the Law Of Attraction. Rather I believe in what is scientifically called the NeuroPsychology of Self Discipline and what I like to refer to as Quantum NeuroPsychology.

Because nobody is looking for these, I have to use the law of attraction: attraction and manifestations.

Manifestation is defined as an object, action or event that clearly demonstrates or shows or proves something. Although we can not collectively think happy thoughts and bring peace on earth, good will to men, we can increase our own peace.

Thus positive thoughts will result in positive manifestations just as negative ones will result in negative manifestations.

There is some interesting science behind this. Dwayne Dyer wrote that negative emotions are preceded by negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts result in self destructive actions. More so in the case of guys, there is an increase in tickets given to those who lost their jobs or are going through divorce.

The negative situation results in negative thoughts which result in negative emotions which manifest in actions that result in more negative things happening. A negative manifestation. Yes this is oversimplifying but there is an underlying truth here.

Likewise, if you fill your life with positive thought you have an increased chance of attracting positive things happening to you.

This is not to say that negative things will not happen to you. It is just that you have an increased chance of having positive manifestations. Or, even if negative things happen, you will see a sliver lining and the positive benefits resulting from what happened.

Shortly out of high school, I learned one of the secrets of the so called law of attraction and manifestation.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

A dear friend, Michael B, a public speaker I wanted to be like, speaking honestly to me one day commented on how I was in a good mood. I asked what he meant as I thought I always was in a good mood. He then proceeded to burst the bubble of the world I lived in. He said that I was very moody.

Cut to the heart, I decided upon leaving the company of Michael that I was going to make a change in the way I thought. Michael lived just a few blocks from my apartment. Oh, you should know, I was only 15, living on my own and going to school and working to support myself. My rent was $125 a month which will give you an idea of how long ago it was.

From that day on, when anyone asked how I was doing, my reply was always a cheerful one.

One day, someone challenged me as to how I could be having a good day. You see, my brother just died.

It was easy, I said. First of all, since I was alive, there was a lot to be grateful for. Also, as a saying of my American Indian ancestors goes, nobody really dies as long as they are alive in your heart and your memories. I had many wonderful memories to carry with me for a life time. Perhaps most importantly, There was more, much more, but you get the idea.

Now, I use a Zig Ziglar line, I am doing fantastic but I am getting better.

Try it on for size. Watch the reactions. Watch the results you will get. Say it with a smile. Say it with real meaning. Say it clearly.

What if your not having a great day?

Remember, it is a matter of framing. What you choose to feel about any day can be your reality. You may be having a lot of bad things happening in any given day. But, how much worse could it be. Start manifesting or tap into the neuropsychology of self discipline. Choose what you think about and start to enjoy what results from that thinking.

Bruce Davidson, a neighbor, former homeless man (known as Dumpster Bruce) and now real estate investor will ffshow you how to be homeless. No matter where you are, you can always be worse off.

How can you be worse off than homeless. Bruce will tell you...homeless, laying in the gutter and sick and no way to get better. Ask if you can be worse than that, he can take you through ten more degrees of how worse life can be.

Although the neuropsychology of self discipline (law of attraction and manifestation) will not bring an end to violence, crime, war and poverty, it can help you have a better tomorrow.

But this will only work if you check your negative emotions at the door, frame your attitude around your gratitude and then share it. This will result in changing habits, actions and the way you experience life its self and you will attract and start to see the many positive options you have available.

Would you like to learn more about the NeuroPsychology of Self Discipline (the law of attraction and manifestation) and how to master your emotions?

The scientific view of the topic.

And Learn the Law of Attraction For Public Speaking

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