Law of Attraction and Money

When it comes to the law of attraction and money, this is a contrarian view in that we both support of the concept and yet are against the way it was presented by The Secret.

What It Is and Is Not

    There is little evidence that the universe is a colossal bank from which you can routinely make withdrawals from to satisfy every greed, er eh, need. There is a simple philosophy my father always give more than you get and there will be more than you could ever want.

    This means give more than is asked of you. Hold yourself to a standard higher than anyone expects of you.

    At the same time I was taught that in-spite Gordon Gekko and the Greed is Good philosophy of Wall Street, greed is destructive. The universe does not teach nor provide for greed. The law of attraction and money is not the means to provide for greed.

    A normal animal kills another animal for the meat it needs to sustain its life. It kills no more or no less than it needs to sustain life. The universe provides for such. Insects that gather and store food such as bees and ants store no more than they need to sustain life.

    This is a standard of the universe. No more and no less than what we need to sustain life. There is a money law of attraction connection. Only that connection only to fulfill our need.

    How much is enough is the question? Within our need would reasonably be enough to provide for ourselves and our family. Enough to recreate. Enough to give to others. And enough to be able to care for ourselves in old age so that we were not dependent on or beholden to others.

    Beyond this, there is no reason to think the universe will provide anything more for us. This is one of the basic principles of the law of attraction and money.

    So, where does the law of attraction and money fit into the big scheme of things?

The Law of Attraction and Money

    The law of attraction does work when it comes to money. Hardly will we wish for money and all of a sudden it will come in the mail. I have to admit that on more than one occasion it had for me. Likewise, on more than one occasion I was able to provide money for others with out their even knowing it.

    Remember the give more than you get thinking.

    Everything that was given to others, even in secret, was like money in the bank. It somehow came back, often with interest.

    How does wealth and the law of attraction work?

    Start with your wish or desire. For the sake of argument, lets consider someone is self employed and money is tight. Lets assume that business is slow.

    By tapping into the law of attraction it is possible to change a financial situation. Start by thinking of the end outcome rather than the means and ways to accomplish and fulfill the needs.

    Lets assume that the family needs $3000 to break even with bills and have a little left over.

Common Sense

    There are two options that can help in this situation. Either making more money or spending less. This involves increasing the income or slowing, even reducing the outflow, the expenditures.

Increasing Income

    To tap into the law of attraction, considering the end requires fulfilling the end of having the value of (lets assume this is a target amount) 3,000 dollars.

    By thinking of and focusing on the end which is to the result of having the results of having $3000, the law of attraction causes the mind to be focused on and in-tune to satisfying the end result of the 3,000 dollar result.

    Because of having the end as the continuous focus of the mind, it is possible that there are ideas that are beyond imagination that will now present themselves to your mind.

Decreasing Expenditures

    Because the mind is set on solving the problem, other ideas will now enter the consideration. Perhaps reviewing insurance, refinancing the mortgage or other ways to cut major expenditures may come to mind.

    Lets assume that this consideration could may result in bringing the $3000 dollar amount down to $2500. Now less is needed to meet the need and the end result has just become easier to attain.

A Third Option Brought to You By the Universe

    Because the universe has no bias, the solution may not be what you would imagine.

    So, to fulfill the $2500, the mind comes up with something unthinkable. Taking a pay cut. But how can you take a pay cut and still make $2500?

    To make the $2500 would require making about $16 per hour for a 40 hour work week.

    Instead, rather than making $16 per hour, in reality you only need to make $4.13 per hour to accomplish the $3,000.

    This is based on making $4.13 for every hour of the day, every day of the week. But how could you do this?

    Because you are looking at the possibility of what can be and not what is, a universe of possibilities are opened to you.

    With FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress and and numerous sites offering free information, it is possible to get educated and start an affiliate marketing program that would allow making $4.13 per hour.

    Now, assuming that 1 percent of the visitors to your site would buy your affiliate product, if you had a product that paid about $50, you would need about 200 visitors a day or 6,000 visitors a month.

    If you are already a webpreneur and you are not getting this kind of traffic or income, then give the law of attraction a try.

    It requires opening your mind to the possibilities and working in harmony with those possibilities. There are a billion people on the web every day.

    This is less than 0,000006% of those people on the web every day.

    This is not to say that this is the solution. This is to suggest that a solution that would not be imaginable could be the answer.

    There could be thousands of solutions, ideas provided from a universe of ideas. This provision comes from a simple focus of the $3000.

    When you consider the ways that you cannot make $3000 a month, there are hundreds if not thousands. Likewise, there are thousands awaiting us, for simply the want to find them.

Beyond the Law of Attraction and Money

    Beyond the law of attraction and money lies a universe of possibilities. One of our favorite ways to create wealth is public speaking and teaching. Of course it is not for everyone. But it could be a way to provide extra income for some of our visitors.

    Why not book mark and come back and check out other parts of and learn to earn with public speaking.

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    To tap into the law of attraction and money, start by seeing the end as though it has already happened. See your end result as though you are already living it. Doing so, will make the law of attraction and money work for you.

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