Lawyer Public Speaking: Mastering Your Presentation

Part III: Lawyer Public Speaking
or How Can I Improve My Attorney Public Speaking?

Part I: Public Speaking Attorney: The Economic Benefits?

Part II: Public Speaking Lawyer: Benefiting the Bottom Line.

Any time you speak in public, you are public speaking. Make the best of it. Tap all the benefits that can be derived from each professional encounter.

There are three areas of public speaking to consider.

  • One on One
  • Group Speaking
  • Speaking from the Podium

Attaining speechmastery in any of these three areas will help you attain mastery as a lawyer public speaking. Speechmastery is really all about control of the three pillars of dynamic public speaking. Controlling your voice, verbalization and visualization.

Lets apply the three pillars to just one of the three areas of being a Public Speaking Lawyer.

One on One Public Speaking

Voice or How You Say it. Our brains are hardwired to adapt our voice to circumstances. If speaking to a baby, you may find yourself speaking in soft tones. In an emergency, a more commanding voice. Why not use the same control when speaking one on one.

What image do you want to portray? Think not in terms of yourself, rather, think in terms of your potential clientele. How you present your voice to a meeting of corporate executives and how you present yourself to the local PTA will each be different.

The PTA will want to think your a down to earth human that can really listen. The corporate suits will not care what you are. They will look at you to see if your a leader or a follower. These qualities can be portrayed in your voice.

Exercise:Right now, say... Hello, how are you .... in three voices. Do not change the words for the person your speaking to. This is not about words. It is about your voice. Say it as if speaking to...

  • a small child
  • to your mate who you have been apart from
  • or a beautiful prospective mate who is smiling at you
  • to your potential client on your first meeting on the street
  • to a corporate executive who you hope to get as a client
  • to the President of the United States

How was each different? How were they the same? How would you improve each circumstance?

Does it seem silly to be practicing saying hello?

Professional singers practice and even warm up their voice. If you want to master public speaking, as a lawyer public speaking, why would you not want to practice.

Verbalization or What You Say

Consider which words you would use in speaking to each of the above. Why would you use those words. Consciously thinking about the words you use in every day speech is the first step of the process of mastering your speech. Instead of unconsciously speaking, you are starting the process of conscious thinking

Visualization How People See You Say It?

Consider how you appear to when speaking. Although dress is a concern when speaking from the podium, when speaking one on one, consciously think about how you appear as you speak and as you listen to the one your speaking to.

  • Are you giving your undivided attention.
  • When listening, do you look at the persons speaking or elsewhere?
  • When speaking, where are you looking? At the person your speaking to or elsewhere?
  • What would be your posture when speaking to each of the above?
  • When listening to others, what do you do with your arms and hands?

Everything from gestures to facial expressions are part of the visualization pillar of dynamic public speaking. Consciously thinking about how you present yourself in one to one communication will help you master communication as a lawyer public speaking to 100 or 1000.

As a public speaking attorney, you are in reality a taking sharing in a form of lawyer marketing. Call it marketing, selling or what ever you like, with out it, continued growth of your firm will be unlikely.

Speak well and prosper.

Public Speaking Attorney

Public Speaking Lawyer

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