List of College Degrees

This is more than just a list of college degrees. Each of these degrees are essentially public speaking topics, subjects and areas of professional public speaking. If your looking for public speaking jobs or professional public speaking gigs, this list may help show you options available to you.

Each of these has a target market. Each is a topic that people want to know about. Each is something that people somewhere need to know.

Use this as your starting point for looking for public speaking jobs and areas of expertise.

The List of College Degrees



    Administration/Long Term Care


    Administration of Justice and Security

    Advanced Electronics Technology (Avionics)

    Airframe and Power Plant





    Business Administration/ Business Security and Assurance

    Business Administration/ Corporate Finance

    Business Administration/ Finance

    Business Administration/ General Business

    Business Administration/ Human Resources

    Business Administration/ Human Resource Management

    Business Administration/ Health Care Management

    Business Administration/ Information Technology

    Business Administration/ International Business

    Business Administration/ Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Business Administration/ Marketing

    Business Administration/ Management

    Business Administration/ Management of Information Systems

    Business Administration/ Mediation and Dispute Resolution

    Business Administration/ Operations Management

    Business Administration/ Public Administration

    Business Administration/ Project Management

    Business Administration/ Retail Management

    Business Administration/ Technology Management

    Business/ Communications

    Business/ e-Business

    Business/ Finance

    Business/ Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management

    Business/ Global Business Management

    Business/ Hospitality

    Business/ Information Systems

    Business/ Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management

    Business/ Management

    Business/ Marketing

    Business/ Organizational Innovation

    Business/ Public Administration

    Business/ Retail Management

    Business/ Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship


    CAD - Architectural Drafting

    Certificate/Family Nurse Practitioner

    Clinical Psychology


    Communication/Marketing and Sales Communication

    Communication/Communication and Technology

    Communication/Culture and Communication

    Communication/Organizational Communication

    Communication/Technical Communication

    Communication/Technical Communication

    Community Care Track

    Computer Crime

    Computer Information Systems

    Corporate Management

    Counseling/ Community Counseling

    Counseling/ Mental Health Counseling

    Counseling/ Marriage and Family Counseling

    Counseling/ Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy

    Counseling Psychology

    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice Administration

    Criminal Justice/ Corrections



    Education/ Administration and Supervision

    Education/ Adult Education and Training

    Education/ Curriculum and Instruction

    Education/ Curriculum and Instruction-Computer Education

    Education/ Curriculum and Instruction-English and Language Arts Education

    Education/ Curriculum and Instruction-English as Second Language

    Education/ Early Childhood

    Education/ Elementary Teacher

    Education/ Elementary Education

    Education/ Elementary Teacher Education

    Education/ Elementary Education-English Language Arts

    Education-Middle Level

    Educational Leadership

    Educational Technology

    Elementary Education-Mathematics

    Elementary Education

    Educational Specialist

    Instruction-Mathematics Education

    Secondary Teacher Education-Middle Level

    Special Education


    Financial Services

    Forensic Psychology

    Foundations of Business


    General Studies

    Gerontology Health Care

    Global Travel and Hospitality Management

    Global Issues in Criminal Justice


    Health Administration

    Health Administration/ Education

    Health Administration/ Gerontology

    Health Administration/ Health Information Systems

    Health Administration/ Informatics

    Health Care Administration

    Health Care Administration/ Medical Records

    Health Care Administration/ Pharmacy Practice

    Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

    Human Resources Management

    Human Services/ Management

    Human Resource Management - Human Capital Management

    Human Resource Management - Industrial and Labor Relations

    Human Resource Management - Legal Studies


    Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

    Information Systems

    Information Technology/ Business System Analysis

    Information Technology/ Database Development

    Database Administration

    Information Technology/ Enterprise Software Architecture

    Information Technology/ Health Information Management

    Information Technology/ Information Assurance and Security Information Technology

    Information Technology/ Information Systems Security

    Information Technology/ Information Technology/ Programming

    Information Technology/ Information Technology Support

    Information Technology/ Multimedia and Visual Communication

    Information Technology/ Networking

    Information Technology/ Network Architecture

    Information Technology/ Network and Security Specialist

    Information Technology/ Network Technology

    Information Technology/ Networking & Telecommunications

    Information Technology/ Project Management

    Information Technology/ Software Engineering

    Information Technology: Major in Cisco Network Systems

    Information Systems Security Certificate

    Information Technology/ Web Design

    Information Technology/ Web Development

    Interior Design

    International Business


    Special Education Certificate



    Licensed Practical Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing



    Nursing/ Family Nurse Practitioner

    Nursing/ Master of Business Administration/ Health Care Management

    Nursing/ Master of Health Administration

    Nursing/ Nurse Administrator

    Network and Security Specialist


    Operations Management

    Organizational Psychology & Development

    Organizational Security and Management



    Programmer Analyst / Internet Solutions Developer

    Programmer / Network Support Analyst

    Programmer Analyst / Web Developer

    Psychology/ Applied Behavioral Analysis

    Psychology/ Child Development

    Psychology/ Substance Abuse

    Post-secondary and Adult Education

    Professional Studies in Education


    Public Administration

    Public Safety - Criminal Justice

    Public Safety - Emergency Management

    Public-General Accountancy

    Public Safety - Homeland Security

    Public Safety - Security Management



    RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    RN to B.S. in Nursing


    Science in Nursing

    Science in Nursing/ Health Care Education

    Science in Nursing/ Informatics

    Small Business Entrepreneurship

    Sport Management

    Supply Chain Management and Logistics




    Visual Communication Certificate


    Web Design and Multimedia

    Web Multimedia and Animation

Use this list of college degrees to find a niche you can speak about. Have we missed a great topic that should be on our list of college degrees, please let us know. Home

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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