The Ultimate Listening Skill Activity

Master Your Listening

This is the ultimate listening skill activity. To master the art of listening, this activity has to be practiced covertly. If someone knows you are engaged in the activity, the benefit will be lost.

Try this activity and learn.

The Ultimate Listening Skill Activity

    The ultimate listening activity is to say nothing and listen for a day.

    We often take the art of listening for granted. It is an art and it needs to be developed. This activity will help you learn your weaknesses and master listening.

    This ultimate listening skill activity is not easy. Most will fail it the first few times they try it. Please comment on how it goes for you when you try this activity.

    Take a day and do nothing but listen. This is way more difficult than you could imagine. It will also show you the challenge of listening.

    Don’t affirm or offer an opinion in anyway. Don’t agree or disagree. All you can do it ask questions to find out more information.

    If someone should ask for your opinion, thoughts or feelings, figure out how to avoid giving them. Try to return the question. So if someone says what do you think, you simply ask them first. Before they have a chance to ask you again, draw them out. (You cannot say that is interesting.) Why do you feel that way? Have you always felt that way? Don’t you also like....?

    If you are with a good listener, the difficulty will be even harder.

    You can make eye contact, nod you head, say something like I see, I understand, or really. However to offer any kind of opinion is taboo. No saying that what was said is interesting or that it is fascinating.

    This is one of the most difficult listening skills activities that you will ever do. It will also be the most enlightening.

    Try to do it for one day without failing. You may find that it will take you several attempts. It will show what your listening limitations are.

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