Marketing for Public Speakers

How Can Public Speakers Self Promote?

Marketing for Public Speakers should come easy. It is the means to produce income from what speakers do best. Yet it is one of the hardest skills to master.

Success is dependent on three self promotion abilities.

  • Speaking Ability
  • Credibility
  • Sell-ability

Ability will come in time and with practice.

Credibility comes from what you know and are able to do. It is you expertise. Your experience in life.

  • Credibility can be bolstered in your press kit
  • It will have things like a head shot photograph
  • Your Bio
  • Action Shots of you doing what you do
  • One Sheet
  • Press Kit
  • Your introduction or a printed version of your 30 second rap.
  • Fee rate and fee schedule as a professional speaker.
  • I know you want me to say how much and you will not like the answer that says it depends on your skill level and the audience.

    Perhaps as a general rule, $300-1500 for someone just starting out. Work this up to around $3000 with more presence. Before you get all excited thinking your making $1500 for one hour, you are not.

    For your first few speaking engagements you will do good to only make a few dollars an hour for all the time it will take to set up your business and promote yourself. Also you will put numerous hours into the preparation of the actual speech.

    It is best you don’t even discuss how much you get paid. Even as a nurse, I often made more money than many I worked with because I often negotiated my hourly rate. If anyone ever were to find out, they would have been offended and they would have made my life miserable. How is it he gets so much would be the cry?

    What they did not want to do was pay the thousands of dollars in extra education that I did to be able to get certifications and to put in the extra hours required to promote my specialty. My employers were compensating me for that time.

    Keep Your Fees Confidential

    One of the first rules of marketing for public speakers is keep it confidential. If your fees should get out and someone is offended, remind them even a doctor went for a decade with out income to make the income he now produces. A doctor put in countless hours of study and gave up freedoms to be able to make the their current levels of income. Doctors are, in effect, making up for lost wages.

    Like the doctor who is a professional that commands high fees, your a professional speaker.

    Contract and agreements...

    Perhaps one but no more than two pages. If new to the field it is especially important to keep it simple.

    Payment can be split as 50% in advance and 50% on delivery. A non-refundable deposit is within industry standards because of the preparatory work involved in giving a speech. If this is hard to ask for remember, you're a professional speaker and this is a rule of marketing for public speakers.

    Demo materials including an audio tape, video, CD and DVD.


    • Dress and Grooming...Check out our dress for success to find future updates for what to wear in front of a camera.
    • Gestures…check out what to do when on camera.

    When you qualify, join the NSA. It is an organization with speakers you want to get networked with. There is probably a local chapter near you. This is a stepping stone on the professional speaker career track.

    It is an important tool related to marketing for public speakers but it may not get give you much in the way of return. Result are varied.

    Improve Your Sell-ability

    Learn to PREsell with MYCPS

    Would you like to learn how to write effectively? Would you like to connect on a visceral level with your audience? This book is tailored for writing on the web. It has wisdom that applies to the logic of how our brains receive communication. Whether reading or writing, it is on my must read list in marketing for public speakers.

    By far one of the best products to learn the concept of PREselling you need to check out the book 'Make Your Content PREsell' (MYCPS). It's benefits will apply to business and in life.

    Still in school, then this is also for you. The Marketing for Public Speakers Website

    Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
    Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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