More than Maslow Theory of Motivation

Many people refer to the Maslow theory of motivation. Below you will find a more comprehensive list based on the theory of human motivation. The motivation factors and the motivation in business go far beyond Maslow’s theory.

As a public speaker, it is essential to recognize these motivators and speak to them when giving a talk.

Maslow outlined the motivators as basic human needs. His writings went into much more detail than the actual list that s often referred to.

The Maslow Theory of Motivation


Esteem Needs

Social Needs

Safety Needs

Physiological Needs

Beyond Maslow's Theory of Motivation

Adding the research of Miller, Weil and Glasser and others to the mix provides a more complete overview of the human needs.

Survival: we have a need to continue to exist

Safety: welfare, well-being, protection, security

Touching: physical human contact, skin contact with another human

Attention: the need to be noticed or have others consideration

Mirroring and echoing: imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery

Guidance: humans are like sheep, following the lead sheep

Listening: we need to be able to know what others are saying

Being Real: the need to be our true selves

Participating: we need to be a part of something and help it be


We need others to take seriously

We need to be admired, if only for some aspect of ourselves (we are still in 5th grade)

Freedom to be who we are even though we are conformists to our circle of influence

Tolerance of our feelings by others

Validation: the need for others to support of demonstrate our value to them

Respect: the need for due regard for our abilities, qualities and achievements

Belonging: having the personal qualities needed to be a member of a group

To love Unless the wiring in our brains is messed up, ie., psychopathy

Opportunity to grieve losses

Support: to get and give emotional help and comfort when needed

Loyalty and trust


Mastery, power, control

Having a sense of completion

To make a personal contribution

Altering ones state of consciousness transcending the ordinary


Sex (from the standpoint of continuing the human race)

Enjoying fun


Nurturing: receive care and encouragement for growth and development

To be loved unconditionally


These are the motivation factors and the aspects of motivation in business that go beyond the Maslow theory of motivation.

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What is Motivation? Consider the definition to better apply your enthusiasm to what you say.

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