Mastering Business Performance Consulting

by Manuel Diotte
(San Antonio)

Manuel Diotte President/CEO

Manuel Diotte President/CEO

Are you or your staff failing to perform at their best because you do not know how to master business performance motivation?

For over 15 years, Manny has worked with and spoken to organizations that desire to inspire their people to perform at their best on a daily basis and help them reach their potential. He has been empowering companies and individuals to leave their mark on the world, by discovering their strengths and finding their purpose. He is an expert in performance in both professional and personal development. He provides thought-provoking insight and business success to increase sales, service, performance, and leadership. Manny has generated millions for his clients.

Personal Note from Manny

Hi there,

Here is one of my favorite formulas to help in the attaining of success.

Ability minus distraction = results

What is distracting you?

If you take away the distractions you can have amazing results.

Try it.

Best wishes and remember you were born for greatness!


Manny, as he is affectionately known has been corporate America’s best kept secret. He has been described as compelling, thought provoking, motivational, inspirational, and passionate. He has been compared to public speaking industry giants such as Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins.

He is also the world renowned author of the book, “Happiness is a Pair of Shorts!”, “Success is a Journey” and a contributing author to the New York Best Seller “Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul”.

The experience as a successful businessman and cancer survivor are channeled into consultant, trainer, coach and keynote public speaking.

Manuel has spoken to over three million people on the radio, appeared on numerous television programs and conducted numerous seminars, helping thousands overcome obstacles that hinder their success.

Manny works with individuals and companies to achieve their own greatness. His programs are rich in content, contagious in humor, and will help you reach a more favorable future.

He is also the founder of the Dare to Dream Institute, an organization that helps kids realize they were born for greatness!

Enriching * Insightful * Entertaining * Unforgettable * Productive * Life-Changing

Manuel Diotte
Diotte LTD, General Partner
Manuel Diotte International, Inc.
Past President Council Chair, NSA, National
Past President, National Speakers Association

17114 Blanco Park Cove
San Antonio, TX 78248
(210) 404-1185

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