Memory Improvement

Five Factors to Improve Your Memory

Public speakers, do you want memory improvement?

Many of us have had that special moment when our memory failed us. As a public speaker, this could spell disaster. How many times have we joked we’re getting the precursor to Alzheimer’s, referring to it as old timers disease. Perhaps we have even just said were getting older and our memory is not as good as it use to be.

Believe it or not, it is as good as it has always been. You may only need memory improvement.If your in the public speaking business, this is essential.

When we start thinking 'it is not as good as it used to be,' we start into motion a number of psychological and biological (brain chemical) processes that will fulfill that belief. In effect, just saying it can be one of the causes of it.

There are numerous causes for this loss including stress, physical and emotional injury, medications, and even foods. Five factors could bring about memory improvement for you.

Outside these there is the every day moments we have when we just cannot recall a name, fact or certain piece of information. If this is you, you could benefit from memory improvement. This could just be caused by mental overload.

There is even evidence that Statin drugs can cause global amnesia. That is the ultimate forgetting.

  • What can a public speaker do to improve recall?
  • What foods enhance memory function.
  • What can help minimize short term memory loss?
  • What should be avoided?

First understand the most common misconception about memory and brain function and memory improvement. We do not have to loose it. We can have a sharp, clear memory well into old age. As a nurse and in my life I have met and come to know numerous elderly people with remarkable memories.

One started learning Chinese when in his 90’s. Another on stopping to visit, he excused himself saying, let me get out of this screen. Words someone experienced in computers would know. How many people do you know who don’t even know how to turn a computer on. Even worse, they don’t want to know how.

Another gentleman, when asked about the days gone by stated things were not so bad, till Hoover took office. He was 104. His 80 year old son used to visit every few days. The son looked like he was 65. He was still driving, still very active.

In the hospital there were numerous patients who had memories better than mine.

Then one day, my first working in the ER I was taught a vital memory lesson. While writing some notes about a patient, a colleague stopped me asking what I was doing. Indicating I was filling out my brain sheet, he said no, no, no. We don’t use those here. Things happen to fast. You have to use your real brain.

This was on the job memory improvement by immersion.

Scary thought, that I could remember all this information of constantly changing field of patients. Much to my surprise, it was possible. When forced to use my brain, it was truly amazing how I could remember vital signs, symptoms, complaints, and even their changes. It was, well, unbelievable. What I learned about myself that day has changed me. What I learned you can do too.

So memory improvement is possible and we have the potential to keep it into old age. We can reduce short term memory loss. We can improve our ability in remembering and improve recall.

These memory improvements are associated with a few common denominators. The same ones demonstrated in the lives of the sharp minds and clear memories of the elderly. Those commonalities are the basis for public speakers improving their memories.

They fall into six different areas or you might refer to them as the six factors of memory mastery. These can be root searches for more information to enhance your understanding on these subjects. Check back as more information will be coming to this page.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Herbal Preparations
  • Foods
  • Nutracuticals
  • Mental Processes
  • Physical Activities

Remember, natural foods are the best way to get these chemicals. This is because so many foods we eat have other chemicals that work in harmony and increase absorption.

Also the side effects of over eating foods are usually benign. An overdose on certain vitamins, minerals, and even herbs can be life threatening. Others do not work well with medicines we may need. In all cases, you should seek a doctor that is familiar with herbs and their use.

And remember, don’t forget.

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