How Does the Mind Work?

Public Speakers, Reach and Teach an Audience Mind

The mind and public speaking involves several subtopics. This is an important part of public speaking.

Speak Your Mind

Are you working with half a brain? If you are not using both sides it is like working with half your brain tied behind your back. Learn to use both sides to master your personal gray box.

When Public Speaking, Never Forget to Remember This

Taking a look at how the mental processes of man works will enhance the ability to reach it when speaking. Take a short look at short term memory, both yours and the audience you will speak to. In addition to remembering, look at how the brain takes a coffee break in Suspenders and Dreaming.

Memorable Public Speaking To improve your memory or increase the ability for your audience to remember you will need to get the information into the short term memory. Learn some of the ways to enhance your ability to do this.

Suspenders These are not to keep your pants up rather to allow the listener to mentally suspend or rest. Everyone uses at least two and possibly more. They fall into two categories. This is where you will learn more about mental suspenders, what they are and how to benefit from them.

Are You In Your Right Mind?

Our Left brain is concerned or manages speaking, language, analytical, math processes, sequential order, logical order, reading, debate, linear, explicit, rational, active, goal oriented and positive thoughts and mental processes.

Our Right brain is concerned with motor skills, emotions, love music, problem solving, intuition, spontaneous, nonverbal, visual, artistic, symbolic, physical and playful mental processes.

People tend to have a preferred or dominant side. They can shift if the need arises to master the needed skills to maintain balance due to a change in circumstances.

Men tend to be more lateralized in the use of each hemisphere where as women tend to perform tasks using both hemispheres.

This is important when speaking to an audience and recognizing needs both in listening style and motivators. These two working in concert make up our mental process.

Minding the Storehouse of Your Knowledge

Some areas of study to better understand the harmonious inner workings of the brain are...

If you understand the mind you will better be able to reach out and touch those in the audience when you speak

Most people are aware of the split brain concept and separate functions of the left and right hemisphere. This means we have two separate and unique computers that are networked together.

There is actually a new theory in pop psychology called the 3D-Mind. It delineates the processes through three dimensions rather than the two of left to right.

Dream Management

Yes, you can manage your dreams. You can even use simple techniques to recall your dreams in the morning when you wake.

Manage Your Dreams. Manage the ultimate mental suspender. Yes, dream management is not only possible, it is a fascinating way to prepare, problem solve, and enhance learning.

Hack into Your Dreams Tonight Learn the seven things to do to have total recall of what you dream tonight.


Read and Still Have a Life for Non-readers How can you tap into the power of the mind in order to keep up with required reading? Use this simple trick I learned from comedian Bill Cosby. With this you can keep up with your reading and still have a life.

Learn Reading Comprehension This is a Must Read for college students and public speakers who want to keep current with their public speaking knowledge.

Reading Comprehension is an essential function of the of our mental processes. How can it be improved? This simple technique will require hard work to learn. If you invest the time you will shorten the time you take to read and increase your comprehension.

Practice Safe Stress

Do you know what the basic Stress Reducers are? You will have your most stressful situation some day too. It will be easier to handle if you learn how to manage stress. Learn about basic foods, exercises, and thought processes to manage stress.

Stress is a necessary part of life. Not that we need it to appreciate not having it. Rather it actually can help maintain and even improve health.

Getting a speeding ticket is stressful. So is passionately kissing a lover. The increase in heart rate and respiration rates are the body’s reaction to stress in both instances. One is fun, the other only feels better when it’s finally done.

By learning what kind of stress is draining and destructive and learning to manage it will enable continued growth and development. How well you cope with it will determine your effectiveness.

As a speaker, it is important to learn to manage stress because you will some day be faced with a stressful situation. I know from experience. At my very first paid speaking engagement someone inadvertently took my outline. I had to give my entire hour long speech and demonstration from memory.

Other Mental Managers

We are putting together a guide of many different ways to manage stress. It is a guide to help you practice safe stress. The Ultimate Stress Reducer get the preview.

White Noise and Peace of Mind.

One way to help with stress management is managing noise. Some people cannot help where they live. People will say that you get used to the noise of near by streets or industry.

Unfortunately noise can interfere with your thinking and memory. There is a solution. It is called white noise.

This is only some of the basics on the mind and its relationship to persuasive, motivational and informational speaking. Make it a goal to constantly feed the mind. Make it a goal to constantly grow.

Broken Vinyl Record In My Head

In the days of vinyl records (those black disks with groves that your grandparents listened to on the Hi Fi), when one got a scratch, the sound would abruply stop and repeat the same thing over and over.

If you have that happen in your head, when you cannot get a song out and it keeps repeating over and over, then you need to tap into the Zeigarnik Effect. This is the fact that our minds tend to want to finish things. If something is unfinished, then we think about it. So, all you need to do is think of the end of the song and it will get out of your head. But, if you do not know the end of the song, never fear.

Stress Reducers #6 'Z Tracking Eye Movement' will help you remove the unwanted repeating song. Just scroll down to #6 to find out how to do it.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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