Money Speech Topics

You Can Not Afford to Skip the Money Topic List

With the current economic state of the world, Money Speech Topics is a list to speak about. Rather than rambling about ethics and morals, tell your audience what they can do. The economy not only make these good speech topics, they can be spun into persuasive speech topics.

How can they solve the problem? What do they not know about refinancing?

What are the problems with credit repair companies? What is the problem with bankruptcy? What are the new implications of the bankruptcy laws.

Why should people avoid credit? Could credit be good? Even in down economic times?

Here is a list of some of the topics and ways that they could be spun.

This list is not in alphabetical order. Rather it is in the order of importance as determined by the web. Incidentally, this could double for a website topic list as well.

    Have fun!

    consolidate loans

    debt problems

    home equity line of credit


    credit counseling

    debt solutions


    debt management

    credit counselors

    consumer credit counseling

    my FICO score

    credit report

    credit counseling service

    what is inflation

    what is deflation

    US Dollar loosing value

    US Dollar loosing status as the reserve currency

    debt consolidation

    beat the high cost of college

    money on the internet

    improving business profits

    finance your business

    capital for your business

    revocable living trusts

    credit loans

    consumer credit

    money loans

    effect of dollar on world markets

    Money and the Law of Attraction

    dept help


    student loan

    credit repair

    buying / owning gold

    buying / owning silver

    buying / trading / owning Bit Coin

    free credit check

    bad credit

    credit card application

    people with bad credit

    car loans

    China buying up / dumping US Dollars on world market

    personal credit

    bad debt

    interest credit cards

    credit history


    business credit


    online credit

    hard money

    credit cards

    credit application

    best investment in a down economy

    online credit card

    credit card offers

    credit card fraud

    best credit card

    no credit check

    credit card


    best credit

    money market account

    best credit cards

    credit reporting agency

    credit card debt

    credit check

    secured credit cards

    credit services

    credit reporting

    credit card rates

    credit score

    identify fake money even if it passes the marker test

    use credit wisely

    Wham's: Work at Home Mom's

    Avoiding fee creep (from banks and other businesses

    May your speech be sweet and your sayings smooth.

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