Occulesics - Eye behavior

Occulesics - eye behavior is a unique type of nonverbal communication.

This non-verbal communication is how the eyes and eye movement speak in addition to the facial expressions. This is more than just eye gaze. Occulesics includes the movement of pupils as well as orbital movement of the eye ball, blink rate and eyelid movement.

The way we look, stare, blink and the pupil reactions can be nonverbal forms of communication.

Interest in a person or thing will result in decrease in blinking rate and dilation of pupils. With something we dislike, the pupils will contract. When we take interest in something, our blinking rate decreases and our eyes begin to dilate, if we dislike something our pupil's contract.

The Pleasant vs Unpleasant Eye Movement Study solved an age old controversy regarding music (on PubMed.gov). Emotivists believed emotions are felt in response to music. On the other hand, cognitivists believe that music is only representative of emotions. The study found in favor of the emotivists.

Even eye contact can affect group dynamics. When situated to have more eye contact than others around you, you will be more likely to become the leader of the group. This is important for those who are public speakers.

To provide some visuals of the extreme, watch anyone who is signing in ASL. Look at their body movement as well as

Look at how she communicates with her eyes. Especially at the end.

Occulesics - Eye behavior

Get your eyes to behave. Get them expressing. Get them to be part of your gestures. Allow them to speak along with your words.

To start off, you may benefit from just starting to notice how people around you use their eyes to communicate. You may notice how they add emphasis. How they express disdain. How they communicate.

Then start using your eyes to communicate positive messages to people around you. Make it a natural part of your communication. In doing so, it will more readily become part o your public speaking.

As it becomes part of your public speaking, you will be able to refine it and use it as one of the many skills to help reach the audience mind.

This is one of the ways you can attain public speaking Speechmastery.

Speak well and prosper.

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