Managing Pace Pitch Power

In Public Speaking

The three P's of pace pitch power of a speech can affect the response of the listeners. Mastering these are also an essential part of dynamic speaking.

People will respond to what we say if it is important to them. They will be even more responsive if what we say resonates with their thoughts, feelings and desires. They will be motivated by what we say if we master the speaker skills and deliver a dynamic speech.

The three P's are on the top of the list of speaker skills important for all speakers to master. They are essential to become a dynamic speaker.

Pace of Pace Pitch Power

Pace is how fast you speak or your speaking speed. The goal of mastering pace is to speak at varying speeds depending on the content, importance, and ability of the audience to absorb what is being said.

To illustrate, have you ever had someone rattle off a telephone number in your answering machine only to have to replay it a few times to be able to write it down. The repeated listening is often because of a lack of enunciation due to speaking so fast.

Yet to say as fast as you can, call 911, you could almost slur the entire statement and it could be understandable as it is a familiar phrase.

When to Go Slow

Difficult to understand concepts

New Concepts

Parts of the Talk to be emphasized

Lots of Details

Lots of Facts that are essential for the audience to know


Information the audience needs to copy..names, dates, numbers, web addresses.

Solemn Information (bad news, the death of someone, accident, or injury).

An example of slowing down when using numbers: 1,000 Dollars. You can say $1000 or you can slow down and enunciate each word, drawing it out....One Thoouuusand Dolllars. If you want to make it sound like a lot of money, draw it out as you say it. If you want to make it not sound like so much money, then say it as you normally would.

When to Pick Up the Pace

Reviewing familiar material.

boring details or information that can be given out but is required to be covered.

Information that repeats or points to the same conclusion

To build excitement

As a feature of story telling ( If the part of the story is hurrying up, speed up the speech).

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