Personal Voice Mail Etiquette

Personal voice mail etiquette will fall under four different areas.

  • Leaving private voice mail etiquette
  • Delivering private voice mail etiquette
  • Leaving public or business etiquette
  • Delivering public or business etiquette

You may note that some elements are used in both business and personal voicemail. This looks at personal voice mail. The elements of effective use of voice mail can be found in the personal voice mail etiquette.

Have you noticed that they are no longer called answering machines.

Personal Voice Mail Etiquette Basics

    The Message On Your Phone Others Will Receive

    Allow a one to two second pause before you start speaking your greeting.

    This is for your recorded message and if you are being recorded. Some phone systems (like VOIP) will have a pause before the voice can be heard. This avoids the dropped first part of what your saying.

Next, give a greeting or salutation.

Hi, Hello, Howdy (Texan), Namastay, Bon Dia, Ye’ti, G’day, Didday, Where ya at (Only in Louisiana USA and only for personal), Bonjour, Salute, Greetings, Haya (Scranton, PA) and the list goes on.

Remember, your personal outgoing phone message is an extension of your public speaking. It should make your telephony visitor feel comfortable.

In the changing times we live in, some for security reasons will not say that they are away on vacation (read: you can come and break into my house until we return).

Unless there are privacy reasons, do not just say that this is (fill your number), please leave a message. Not everyone will know if you are who they are trying to reach. Not everyone will know your voice.

General Guides:

Use short sentences with no more than 14 words in a sentence.

  • Try to keep your recording time under 15 seconds.
  • Practice your outgoing message before you record it.
  • Use modulation and sense stress to make it sound sincere.

If you have a group recording of your family, It is OK if you want to make it fun but practice it so that it is really good.

The Message You Leave on Someone Else's Phone

  • If you are not ready, hang up and get your thoughts together.
  • If necessary, write out an outline of what you want to say.
  • Do not say you called to say hi unless you are just calling to say hi.
  • Do not call and just say we need to talk. Say what your calling for.
  • Do not leave a nasty message. You never know who will hear it.
  • Do not leave a very personal message. You do not know who will hear it.
  • If you are leaving a phone number, speak clearly, slowly and pause in between the sets of numbers.

These are the basics of personal voice mail etiquette. This is only the beginning of the info on the proper use of voice mail and the effective use of voice mail.

Business Use of Voice Mail the professional aspects of voice mail.

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