Persuasive Speech Example

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

This how to create a persuasive speech example incorporates various aspects of Speechmastery. The persuasive speech example will relate to creation vs evolution.

In the preparation of the speech, the last thing you will do is actually write the speech. The most important aspect of the creation of the speech is your mental, psychological, and spiritual preparation.

For spiritual preparation, I use the definition "the force that actuates your mind" or the dominant mental inclination that moves all of us.

This to... persuasive speech example will walk you through all the aspects but for details you will have visit the linked pages.

It is divided into four parts.

What is your most wanted response?

For this persuasive speech example, it is necessary to mentally know what you can hope to accomplish. You no doubt recognize that you will not persuade everyone. So what do you reasonably hope to do?

What do you want to persuade the audience to walk away with?

Why do you want to persuade the audience?

What’s in it for you?

What’s in it for your audience? Remember, the closer you can come to helping your audience get what they want, the better you will be at getting what you want.

Can you accept that not all will agree? What would your MWR be for those who will not accept your proposition? Would it be for them to have understanding of your side?

Would it be for them to consider an alternative?

So what do they want? To find these answers you will need to listen to those you will be speaking to. Everyone in the audience have various jobs to be done in their day to day lives. Some tasks may be similar to accomplish different jobs.

For instance, what would be the motivation or job to be done relating to buying a milk shake?

A great example is in Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovators Solution. He told of how a driver in the morning bought a milk shake as a meal that would help pass the time of the morning commute, fill dietary needs and be less likely to spill or cause a mess than coffee.

The same milk shake may be bought in the early afternoon but for a different job. It would be to satisfy and reward a young child after a day of activity. Because the parent would not want to ruin the appetite for the evening meal, it could be smaller.

Did you notice it was the same product and totally different jobs? Did you notice the different motivations? So the next questions...

Who is your audience?

In this persuasive speech example the audience will drastically affect the way the creation vs evolution subject is presented.

What are their motivations?

What are their concerns?

What are their hot buttons?

What keeps them awake at night?

What one thing in the world would they change if possible?

Is there any direct relationship to what you want to persuade and their concerns or motivations?

Even if not directly on point for your topic, these answers are important to know. These will give the emotional tie-in for your public speaking.

Lets assume in our persuasive speech example that our audience is a group of students and educators. It is made up of mostly people from 19-24, most are students. Some are professionals and or professors. There is an overall mix of ages. Some from the community will be present.

What do you know about this audience? What is their most important concern? If they predominantly profess Christianity, they will have an interest. However, belief is highly subjective and religious beliefs are often a matter of convenience rather than conviction.

Some will take exception to this last statement.

Take the matter of abortion. Various beliefs hold that it is morally wrong. Yet does that belief prevent those holding those beliefs from using it as a means to meet their personal needs. Not always. In those cases, the belief is only a belief of convenience and not of conviction.

In contrast, those patients who I have cared for who have refused blood transfusions on the basis of their strongly held Bible beliefs were not willing to compromise their belief for a treatment that the doctors said would save their lives.

It is also interesting to note, there are no high level studies that prove that a blood transfusion will save your life according to Richard Spence, MD, a bloodless medicine educator.

Their belief, their conviction has resulted in a whole new modality of medicine, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery.

Fill the Needs of Your Audience

Lets assume for the majority the speech will have little meaning depending on their belief and how they practice it, how will you reach them? How will you make it fodder for their mind?

How can they use the information in a practical sense?

Does what your subject create fodder for debate?

Does the subject create a subject for future discussion?

Does it have implications for how we live our lives?

Does it have moral implications?

How would it affect future lawmaking if it is true?

Exploring questions like these and more you can come up with will help you create an experience that will meet all in the audience.

Keep it Narrow and Vertical

In this persuasive speech example we will talk on the angle of intelligent design. Evolution vs Creation is a broad subject. Keep the focus narrow and well thought out.

In this example intelligent design requires a designer.

To develop this aspect it would be good to set some ground rules. For instance, if you want to present a scientific speech that persuades you would want to separate yourself from the religious beliefs of creationism. They are full of holes and require credulity to believe in many instances.

    Ok, some will challenge this too. If you took difference to it, then you see the importance of respecting the various views and beliefs. To many scientist, science is their religion.

    To reduce the amount of feed back, let me give an example.

    To say the world was created in 6 literal 24 hour days defies science. How can a rock that is millions of years old have been created in 24 hours?

    Two answers. Faith or you’re wrong. Rather than losing the portion of the audience that looks at things from a scientific standpoint, look at the evidence.

    Simply put, the creationist belief is based on faith in dogma and not the Scripture. Nowhere does it say the Earth was created in literal 24 hour days. Further, the creative days were described different than our days. For that matter, even the 24 hour day was a few days in the making. So how many hours were the first creative days?

    Eliminate the challenges before you create barriers in the minds of your audience.

    So the aspect of this persuasive speech example will involve a strictly scientific viewpoint showing the harmony of Science and the Bible. That harmony will be narrowly focused on the theme of intelligent design.

    Get the research in place, create the introduction and conclusion and practice. You’re ready to go. The questions above give you the means to develop your speech.

    If you need more fodder or information relating to this persuasive speech example on the creation vs evolution or intelligent design, please contact me through any of the submission pages.

    This persuasive speech example was on the content and creation of the speech. If you would like to see an actual speech please let me know through the feedback boxes.

    I am also available to lecture on the subject. This is one of my favorite persuasive speech topics. I even wanted to name my first born Piltdown Man after one of the greatest creation vs evolution scientific frauds of all time. Needless to say, I was not able to persuade my wife on this choice.

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