Persuasive Speech Outline

An effective persuasive speech outline needs to address the various listening styles and the audience mind of the various personality types. When speech writing, if your speech outline is on a persuasive speech topic, this is for you.

To create an effective persuasive speech outline for any talk you give, formulate each section to meet the various needs. These needs and drives are outlined below.

This will assume you already familiar with the general outline of a speech.

Attractor or Attention Getter
Link to Audience / connect with audience mind
Speaker credibility
State the Thesis
Overview of Speech
Main Points 1,2,3
Repeat thesis
Review main points
Call to action

Persuasive Speech Outline: The Persuaders

Within the parts of a speech, it is important to effectively speak to all the personality types. If you speak to the following qualities, you will do more than be told that you gave a great speech. Your audience will be up and ready to take action. Here are the personality types, triggers, drives, needs and how to fulfill their needs.

Speaking to capture the attention of these personalities will empower you to more effectively persuade. Your persuasive speech outline should allow you to speak to each type with out boring the other types.

In putting together your speech, think of your content in relation to the drives or needs of each group.

One exception for how you will deliver is the analyst. Sometimes when hard data or statistics are boring, they can be provided in a hand out and only referred to. This will prevent boring the other personality types of the audience.

Taylor your persuasive speech outline around each of these groups.

Controller: Like their designation implies, they need to be in charge of every aspect of what is going on. They need to own the decision making and direct the process of fulfilling the decisions. To persuade a controller requires tapping into their thinking.

Since they will have to own an idea before proceeding with it, persuasion requires making it their idea.

What drives a controller?

  • fear
  • proactivity
  • self reliance
  • meticulousness
  • unyielding perfectionist

Promoter: Are always on the outlook to see what is next. They are easily excited with what is bold and innovative. Since they are enthusiastic and imaginative, they will tend to take risks more than their counterparts.

What drives a promoter?

  • proactivity
  • what is new, bold and exciting
  • what will improve
  • what will benefit the masses
  • open to new ideas

Supporter: Tend to make decisions based on the decisions of executives that they trust and their previous successful decisions. Tend to trust the tried and true. These will be adverse to what ever is new. These are the largest percentage of an organization and are often the hardest to identify.

What are the needs of a supporter?

  • conscious corporate citizens
  • people pleasers
  • deft people handlers
  • empathetic
  • are the worker bees of an organization

Analyst: Are the methodical and cautious thinkers of an organization. They will weigh the pros and cons. Need to know all the options before making a decision. This group will love statistics and hard facts.

What are the needs of an Analyst?

  • methodical
  • process oriented
  • information focused and driven
  • tend to be quantitative
  • thorough but balanced
  • cautious

As you write your persuasive speech outline, address each of these listening and personality types. As you deliver your speech from your outline, you will better be able to persuade your audience.

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