Persuasive Speech Splork Topics

What are Hot Splork Speech Topics?

The Persuasive speech splork topics list follows this tutorial. This list can be used for all types of speech topics. It is important to have an understanding of the Splork concept before going on. The tutorial will only take a few minutes.

Read Me First...About Persuasive Speaking on Splorks

If you are new to persuasive speech splork topics, then there are a few things you will need to be aware of.

This is a random splork and splorking list. It will be necessary to make the persuasive speech topic hang correctly.

Take for instance, the topic…Save the Splork. To make it into a persuasive speech splork topic requires turning it into a want, desire or need or dilemma.

  • Do we need to Save the Splork?
  • Is the Value of Saving Splorks Worth the Social Cost?
  • Why Should We Save the Splork If None of Us Have Ever Seen One?


    Next add to the persuasion speech argumentation. Use the argumentation to support your proposition from presumed opposition.

    Use Argumentation to Persuade in your Splork speech.

    For instance, chances are you have never seen a live splork. I am working on becoming the leading expert on Splorks and I have never seen one. Does that mean they do not exist?

    Are you one of those people who only believe what they can see? (Lets use the tactic of enforcing the consequences to destroy your belief system)

    Do you believe in air? You can not see it, you cannot smell it but it is there. You see the effects of the wind. (Elaborate more on this in your own words).

    Do not stop here. Were on a roll. Do you believe in life?

    The response might be that it is observable because of animation. So then if something is inanimate, is it dead?

    Then how is an inanimate heart good for transplant for up to four hours, an inanimate liver good for seven hours and corneas for 1 week? So do you believe what you think you believe or are you just repeating something you heard…I only believe what I see?

    Again, elaborate more on this...

      Note In South America, the corneas are considered viable for 2 weeks. Just a tid bit you can have fun with in your speech.

One More Example

    The 20 Ways to Earn Money From Your Splork

    This works great as an informative or even a demonstration speech. To make it a persuasive speech, just make it into a want, desire or need or dilemma.

    In this case it could be...Is it Ethical to Make Money From Owning a Splork?

    Wait...before you go to the Splork list…there are two more lists of persuasive speech splork topics that can also be used as informative or motivational public speaking topics.

Even More Splork Topics and Tutorials suitable for persuasive, informative, or motivational Splork public speaking subjects.

The First of Three Splork Speech Topic Lists

    Wild splorks
    Retired splorks
    Artistic splorks
    Centrist splorks
    Save the splork

    Left-wing splorks
    Right-wing splorks
    Defensive splorks
    Offensive splorks
    Rare splorks

    Power splorking
    Tame splorks
    History of splorks
    Reach for the splork
    Deep sea splorking

    Fund-raising for splorks
    Ten most wanted splorks
    Become a master splorker
    10 reasons why you should use splork
    5 breeding requirements of splorks
    Lesser spotted splorks

    Pioneers of splorking
    Is your teenager splorking?
    Summer splorks
    Troubleshooting your splork
    FAQ about splorks

    Why you should splork
    Getting a license for a splork
    How to become a splorking consultant
    10 things you didn't know about splorks
    The greatest mistakes of splorking

    10 things you simply must know about splorks
    Ease the menopause with splorks
    50 new ways to use splorks
    Living without a splork
    How to be a professional splork

    How to grow the freshest splorks
    20 ways to earn money from your splork


It is hoped the Persuasive-speech-splork-topics list Helps with finding a public speaking subject. Remember...this List can be used for all types of speech topics.

Informative Speech Splork Topics has the second of three lists of splork speech topics.

Splork Speech Topics has the third of three lists of splork speech topics.

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