Your Persuasive Speech

Understanding the Persuasive Speech Process

Persuasive speech in public speaking is the art of using words to influence an audience.

It involves directing, guiding or appealing to the thinking, logic or emotions of an individual or an audience.

The goal is to help the listeners to accept the idea, attitude or action being presented by the speaker. It is accomplished by the use of argumentation, rationalization, symbolism's, and presenting supportive information.

What is the Definition of Persuasion for Public Speakers?

What is the Definition of Persuasive for Public Speaking?

What is Persuasion?

More on this topic.

Everyone learns how to persuade from their first days of life. As a baby when you wanted something to eat, when you were uncomfortable or had other needs to be cared for, you used the art of persuasion and you got your most wanted response.

As you got older, you learned more sophisticated means of persuasion. As a result, you may or may not have had the chance to drive the family car.

Now, in business, in life, and in the home, persuasion is essential.

This section will cover…

  • What persuasion is.
  • What persuasion is not.
  • How to use the art of persuasion.
  • The Goal of persuasive Speaking, Your MWR

What is Persuasive-Speech? Get an overview of how to persuade.

  • The Tools of Persuasion What are the three tools?
  • Do you know how they work?
  • Do you know how to incorporate these devices?
  • Do you know the caution needed with some of these devices?
If you master all three of these devices in your public speaking you will not only be able to masterfully persuade, you will also have attained Speechmastery. These are the essential elements of persuasive speech and how persuasion is accomplished. Next consider the essential elements in delivering your speech.

The Top 10 Persuasion Tips

The Persuasive Speech Outline The keys to the four personality types. A guide to speaking to the mindsets of the personality types.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Not a typical persuasive outline.

Elements of Persuasive-Speaking looks at the delivery of persuasion. In addition to using the three devices, speaker skills are an essential aspect to attain rapport.

Preparing a Speech to Persuade is the next step in the process. Preparation begins with a process that starts prior to actually putting pen to paper.

Using Authority to Persuade taps into the psychological aspects of influence. Sometimes it is not only ethical to influence, it is essential to overcome misconceptions.

Writing a Persuasive Speech A guide.

Body Type, Your Sex and Persuasion looks at a silent persuader. What you need to know.

Subliminal Persuasion takes a look at using art to persuade.

Selling Basics added to public speaking can help your success.

What it’s Not

Persuasion is often confused with manipulation. Manipulation involves subterfuge of the thinking process to guide someone into thoughts or actions that are not in their best interest.

The Goal of Persuasive Speech is to Get Your MWR. What is your (MWR) Most Wanted Response?

Persuading and Your MWR looks at the audience, who they are, what they want and what you need to know about them in order to successfully persuade them.

What do You Want?

Who are your audience?

What Keeps Them Up at Night?

What do They Want?

Persuasion looks at the art and the audience mind set. How can you get past the audience's professed values to even begin to try to persuade? It does not start with what you say! Find out what you need to do to be able to master the art of persuasion.

Considering these and additional questions will help develop your skill of persuading.

Persuasive Writing like persuasive speaking is based on the three principles or devices of persuasion. You will find that anyone can write for the web. All it takes is desire, brains and motivation.

Persuasive Process is a mental memory aid that will map out the mental thought process of creating a persuasive speech. It is as easy as PIE.

Persuasive Speech Topics is the place to learn more about one hot topic...Splorks.

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