Power Point Images

What are Best Practice of Layout and Design?

When creating Power Point images, some general guidelines of best practices will help your presentation glow. Most audio visual presentations will include some kind of images. How you use them can improve your presentation.

Much of what you need to know is readily available in a similar format. When you see a TV presentation you like, a video that touches you, or even another presentation, take time and think about what made it enjoyable to you.

Go a step further and look for programs that have won awards. Why did they win. Look at how the images are staged, how long they are viewable and the way the narration fits together.

The Power Point Image

    These are some Power Point layout, design, and presentation basics guidelines for putting together your slides.

  • Image should take up the whole screen.
  • Look at amateur photographs. Often you will see a person standing in the picture with a head to toe view. Compare that with the pictures you see in magazines and the camera work seen on TV. Most photography books will give good insights on how best to photograph.

  • Image should fit the theme.
  • You may have some great pictures that you think and may truly be wonderful. If they don’t fit, leave them out. Don’t stretch the application to be able to include them.

  • Avoid Where’s Waldo Images.
  • The average viewing time of a typical image on professional slide shows as you would see at theme parks is less that 5 seconds and usually 1-3 seconds.

    If the audience is mentally engaged in looking for details, they will be distracted from listening to the presenter.

  • Power of Three and the Upside Down e is an important theory of layout design.
  • Most important of all, the true Power Point is the place between your ears. The images and slides you use are only the iceing on the cake unless you allow them to become the cake.
  • Always use them to enhance your presentation and not to be the presentation.

Power Point Tutorial Directory is the starting point of this section.

Power Point Design Basic Rules are a guide to creating a great presentation. Do you know what some of the rules are?

Power Point Basics Outline is the same information only in outline form.

The Psychological Aspects of Color should affect your choice of colors used. Do you know how different colors may affect your audience?

The Different Meanings of Colors could also be a factor in your choices.

Two reasons you need to learn Power Point. Your children and grandchildren.

There is so much more about Power Point Images that there is not enough room to cover it all here. Please come back as we add new information.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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