Print Speech Topics

A List of Places to Look for Speech Topics

This is a list of resources for print speech topics. Perhaps you will think up additional ones. These sources will not only provide for your public speaking topic, they are a source for your topic research as well.

11. Magazine Headlines at the Grocery Checkout: Right next to the “Two Headed Alien Discovered” are timely topics that affect our neighbors.

Topics like Skin Cancer: Who’s at Risk? and Bicycle Helmets: Should they Be Required By Law for Adults Too? Don’t stop there, take a peek. Remember, this is not just your print speech topics source, it is your topic information resource as well.

You look inside to find out people used to use things like arsenic and lead to whiten their skin. That is till Coco Channel popularized the suntan. You not only have your topic but a rich resource to start preparing your speech.

If the magazine owners were willing to gamble on the headline selling magazines then it probably is a good topic.

One word of warning here. Do not become a literary Robin Hood. Don’t think you can get away with stealing from the witty and giving to the illiterate. Print speech topics are only an idea resource. To use the article as a speech is plagiarism.

If you make your entire speech out of the magazine article, those who do read will call you on it and you will be considered nothing more than a hack. Use the topic only find a fresh angle to present the topic.

12. The Classified ads: People sell and buy all kinds of things here. Within those things just might be a speech topic.

13. News Paper Community calendar. Check out this calendar too, find out what is going on and what the local interest is.

14. Letters to the editor: Learn the viewpoints of individuals in the community. The authors of the letters may be the guy next door or the CEO of the biggest local employer. Either way, you can get a view of the topic from a view outside what ever the local spin is. This takes print speech topics and gives the edge of individual viewpoints.

15. Community Newsletters: In Northampton, Pennsylvania we get a news letter put out by the local municipality. They give the local government news and what is happening in the area. Within those stories are your print speech topics. Some are stories that will require future action.

16. Billboards and Signs: Watch for signs that address social problems. The things that people publicize to others make for good speech topics?

17. Magazine Advertisements: Organizations pay thousands of dollars to get their messages in front of people. Their ads cover all of the current social issues. The benefit comes in an organization ready to provide all the information for your research you could possibly want. This print speech topic has a dual benefit for you. Not only do you get a topic, you also get power words that sell.

18. Obituaries: Behind every death was a live person with a story. Consider the possibilities. What if you saw a person who lived to the age of 105 as one of my patients. This perhaps gives new meaning to digging for print speech topics. To find a story will require some work.

    Who were they? What did they do for work? What was the world like when they were young? There are family who will probably direct you to someone who would be glad to give you an interview and tell you about the person. Remember, people like stories.

19. Sports Association Websites: Issues facing sports are issues facing us as a society. Get the details and names in the news to put a face on your speech.

20. Sports Magazines: Like the associations, these occasionally have issues facing the various sports like steroid use. Don’t do a speech on how great your favorite team is unless it is in front of a very limited audience.

    Don’t try to persuade the same audience why your team is better either. It would amount to trying to convince someone blue is a better color than black even though black is their favorite color.

21. Meeting Agenda’s and Minutes: Government organizations, Councils, Authorities, and Non Profit Organizations usually send out agendas and post notes from their meetings.

This has a double benefit. You can not only find information to make a speech about, you can also set your self up as a speaker. Lets say they are already booked. Sign yourself up as a back up speaker if someone should not show. Play it right and it could get you into paid events for free and if you speak you get your fee.

22. Crime Statistics: Most libraries have in the reference section a book that lists the trends of crimes. You can also talk to police about current trends like most common crimes, how many car thefts, drunk driving charges, 911 calls, and etc. Nothing can make a speech come alive like a quote form someone local that is known by the audience.

23. Other Newspapers: Don’t limit yourself to the local Newspaper. Read national papers and weekly papers. Look for topics in the buried stories. All in print speech topics are fodder for a future speech.

It is not necessary to read the entire paper. You only need to scan read. Look for upcoming changes that will have impacts on the community or people of a certain demographic. Consider how you can give the topic a different angle.

24. Year in Review: Many journals publish a Year in Review. Use it for fodder for speech topics. Also use it to map trends and see what was news worthy in the past to predict what speech topic will be worthy in the future.

25. Police Blotters: In the press releases of local crimes police give the media, there is a wealth of print speech topics. Each of those crimes has a related topic on how people can avoid being victims. Statistics that show patterns add impact to the speech.

26. Employment Listings: What are the hot jobs? Do you see a topic? Is there a shortage and why? What are the skill sets or education required? What is the impact of the new jobs and the wages to be paid?

With so much concern with immigrant workers, there are numerous topics and these listings are ripe information that will give more ideas for research. Although a bit unusual place to find print speech topics, there is no lack for emotion related to some of the jobs, the work involved and how they get filled. Consider the show Dirty Jobs and the popularity it enjoyed to see the potential.

27. Whether or not to use the Weather: People always like to talk about the weather. What can you share about it that is new and interesting? There is lots of information available.

One interesting factoid I cover in stress reducers is that those affected by seasonal affect disorders need to have a diet the exact opposite of everyone else to rise above the lack of light.

What are implications of the way the weather is trending?

At the weather service you will find stats are readily available on temperatures, snowfall, rainfall, and etc. People love to talk about the weather. Whether or not they like the weather is another story.

28. Public Notices: You usually see these in the news paper but they appear in various places. They many times involve an issue or a topic that is ripe for a speech like the use of land or should a certain store be allowed into a community or not.

Print speech topics is only one of three places for speech topics. Check out the other two.

Electronic Speech Topic (1-10)

People Speech Topic (29-40) The Print Speech Topics Resource

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