How Do I Start Professional Speaking?

Professional Speaking Starts With Preparation

If your trying to thrive in economic uncertain times, professional speaking may be for you.

If you have a compelling story and are able to communicate it, you can start a career in professional speaking.

If you have knowledge you can share you can start to make money from public speaking.

This site is dedicated to helping speakers advance in their abilities and skill and if they desire, to become a professional speaker.

One of the pillars of becoming a professional speaker is preparation. Good preparation is a must for giving great speeches or presentations.

Go to The Business of Public Speaking and learn the two basic steps to becoming a paid public speaker.

Two Easy Steps to Prepare

Know your audience

Create a pre-program questionnaire. You will hear repeatedly among the most important aspect of giving a speech is knowing your audience. The questionnaire will help you learn details about the association, corporation, or group you’re speaking to. This will help set you apart as a professional speaker.

Included in the audience demography is the mean age. If the audience was born about 1975, the attention span for non-academic professionals may only be about 15-20 minutes. Further, they will tend to process more visually.

This doesn’t mean pull out the power point. It does require greater attention to word illustrations that fit the audience.

Another option would be to set up and conduct telephone interviews as part of the preparation. If close by, make appointments and visit in person some of those who will make up your audience. Take the time to learn who your audience is.

Learn the business culture where the speech will be delivered. Learn the colloquialisms within the working environment. Learn the business jargon. If you are open to a Q and A after the speech, you will be better armed to know what is being talked about. You will know the positions and job titles.

You may even find out some of the questions that you will get asked in advance. A coach is invaluable in this instance. Find out every detail of what is going on before you even start to prepare to give the talk. Know your audience.

Know your field of operation

If possible, visit the site prior to giving the presentation.

Being there allows you to ask questions that can make a difference to how you give your presentation.

Additionally, if you know the layout, you can be mentally prepared for the differences.

  • Will you have a podium (stage). Will there be a lectern or will you be on the podium standing alone. Will you have a head set mic or boom mic?
  • Will there be someone to adjust it for you?
  • What size is the room?
  • Audience in the round (requiring you to gracefully engage the entire audience) or will it be a hall where your field of view is smaller and thus easier to maintain eye contact?
  • Will you be televised to remote locations? (If so, are are some makeup considerations women will especially want to be concerned with.)

Other concerns would include any policy or procedures you need to be aware of. Can you sell in the back of the room? Is there anything considered taboo to talk about? Are there any cultural sensitivities of the audience?

These are all questions to help you connect with the audience.

Skill to Develop
Connecting with the audience through preparation.

You want the audience to note the informational, motivational or persuasive qualities of the talk. This is accomplished by the way you connect with your audience.

Develop an attitude of constant and never ending improvement in your skills. By addressing these concerns and improving where needed you will enhance your speaking ability and flexibility.

Where to Start

Sign up for our e-zine and learn how you can start speaking on cruise ships. Not only will it give you experience, it will make valuable contacts that can turn into future speaking jobs.

Create a Public Speaking Portfolio

More on the Business of Paid Public Speaking like how to get started, how to get booked, and how to set up your business. The Professional Speaking Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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