How Can You Make a Profit Public Speaking?

A Guide to Making Money Public Speaking

If you want to make a profit public speaking you need to define what profit is for you. This is a compilation of places to profit from your public speaking depending on what you call profit.

Your Most Wanted Response

We usually think of profit as dollar signs. People hear of unbelievable speakers fees that the famous get and think they want to make that kind of money. Well, it doesn’t start out that way. To speak for profit entails a lot of work. You will find that you have earned every penny you work for in one way or another.

So what is the profit in making a profit public speaking? It could be…

  • money
  • experience
  • Advertising
  • Cruising for free
  • Marketing yourself
  • Sell your product or service
  • Marketing for someone else

To start to make a profit public speaking stop speaking for free. Instead speak for no fee. It may seem simple but the mental process will define who and what you are. By changing the way you think, you will change what you are.

By waving your fee or giving a no-fee speech you will also open the door of For Fee speaking.

The act of getting a no fee or for fee speaking job is called booking. So what are the advantages of booking a no fee public speaking engagements.

The No Fee Speaking Advantage

The advantages of giving a no fee speech are varied and many. It gives you a chance to practice and hone your skills. It gives you a chance to build a reputation and even brand yourself. It creates a platform where you can get a video tape of you speaking to an audience and their reaction. It allows a format for you to tape one of your presentations and use it as a demo of your skill level and how the audience responds.

Where to go to book No Fee Speaking

The next level of speaking for money is an internal form of pay for services.

Internal Speakers

    Internal public speakers could include such professions as Radio and TV personalities. Their job is to speak to their audiences. Their pay is a reimbursement for their job. So it is an internal form of reimbursement.

    As a Nurse my job description sometimes required me to speak in public about health care matters. My pay was my from being a nurse. My job also entailed public speaking.

    If you are a licensed professional you are aware of the need to stay in compliance with all laws.

    So too with what is said in public speaking. It needs to be in compliance with your licensing. You do not have total freeness of speech when you are licensed.

Speaking For Money

Reimbursement can come from various sources. You can be hired to give a speech created by a company. In the class I took almost 30 years ago, the instructor was booked to give a speech that he had to remember word for word and give with out notes.

Note… He did this by keeping a tape recorder with him. He memorized one line at a time. Then added a second line and a third. He did this as he was driving and any free time he had.

Sometimes you can be booked to speak on your expertise by various groups, businesses, and educational institutions. At this level you will have entered the realm of professional public speaking. It is natural that at this point you will make money speaking on your expertise.

You can put on seminars and work shops.

In all you will do, you can make a profit public speaking.

Other Places to go to Profit from Public Speaking

  • International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus
  • Meeting Planners International (they may have a local chapter in your area).
  • Trade Associations
  • Educational Associations
  • Cruise Lines International Association

Note Cruise Lines often will give you free passage for doing enhancement speaking during the cruise. Think about it, instead of going to a show, you are the show while you cruse for free.

Other Sources of Income From Speaking

Speakers Bureaus will provide you with bookings for speaking engagements. They offer a great service but can be expensive. Learn more on how they work here.

Credit Free Classes are an easy way to get started. The sponsoring school will often do the advertising for you.

Marketing Motivational Speaking and Advertising Speaking are entry level ways to make a profit public speaking. The Profit Public Speaking Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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