Your Public Speaking Business Card

What is the Most Important Thing to Know Before You Design? CD Business Cards?
Have You Considered the Potential?

Business cards are everywhere.
What will make your Public Speaking Business Cards effective?

Business Cards are a form of communication. The same rules for public speaking apply to making public speaking business cards. Ask...

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your Most Wanted Response (MWR)?

Purpose of the Card and the MWR

The Single Sided Business Card...

This is a basic business card with a purpose of providing contact information. It makes you accessible?

It briefly lets people know who you are, what you do and where or how to contact you.

Your MWR

For the card to be kept until needed, be shared and or to get the call if you can fulfill the job to be done of the cardholder. Your public speaking business card is your advertising.

The Double Sided Business Card...

This gives added information that would clutter up the front. It could be a list of services, skills, or addresses.

Your MWR

Same as above and to provide additional information going beyond the initial front of the card info.

It could provide for multiple locations, services offered, or references. It needs to be brief and useful.

The Bi-fold Business Card

Used for large amounts of information.

One card I use has the list of contact information of each professional in the group. I have only used it a few times but it has been invaluable. It eliminated the need of carrying several cards. It is handy when your hand held device goes dead.

Your MWR

In addition to the above, it needs to be a ready reference. The MWR is ready accessibility to needed to help contacting or consuming services offered. Avoid making an advertisement for numerous services.

Outside the Box

There are other ways of using business cards to promote your business.


The CD Business Card

Made in the size of a small CD with a flat on the top and bottom so that it is card size. This card can carry volumes of information. This will give a new meaning and use of the public speaking business card.

The initial cost might be considered expensive given the price and minimum purchase. However if you look at your purpose, MWR and also the Return On Investment, I believe this is a bargain.

Consider the cost of printing a book, $3 to $5 per book in small runs. For less than a dollar, you could print a small book on a mini CD and sell it as a back of the room product.

Imagine carrying 1000 books into your lecture by yourself. Instead of buying a $5 book for 25 (15 dollar profit) and only selling 100 books, $1500 net, your audience could potentially buy 500 at $5, a price that many would consider pocket change resulting in $2000 net profit.

Better yet, include the price of the book in your speaking fee. Only charge $3 or $4 and make even more depending on the size of your audience.

You can make your information available at a cost savings to the audience and increase your profit margin.

A Most Important MWR

Why not a regular size CD then. Think portability. This will safely fit in a pocket or in a purse. It will not get lost with all the existing CD’s that people have.

Get the Click

The listener can click on a live link, because the end use is on a computer. This to further it’s usefulness. Worried about copying? Use a link on it for a PDF that has a block for copying.

Note CD Business Cards can do both audio and information. CD Business cards may not be effective for a professional public speaking business card because of the way public speaking promo CD’s are used. Sometimes they will be reviewed while commuting. This would be a disaster as it will go in but not readily come out of many car CD players.

You will need to make the audience aware.

How Will You Design your public speaking business card. Now that you know the purpose and have a most wanted response, how will you design to best reach the mind of the end user?

2 in a series of 3 on business cards.

How Will You Put Your Public Speaking Business Card To Work? Once designed, how will get the greatest benefit from your card?

3 in a series of 3 on business cards.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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