Public Speaking Delivery

Your public speaking delivery can enhance your ability to reach your audience. This can and should affect the way you write your speech. There are several ways of delivering information. Here are a few more common ones used in public speaking.

I need your help. In researching what others have to say about delivery, it appears there is very little information to be found. Many of the visitors of are word-smiths. Surely you must have some thoughts on this.

What word or words best describe the qualities of communication discussed on this page. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Just Speaking

In most basic terms, directly addressing the audience, just talking at them is what most speakers do. This is the basic skill that needs to be mastered before moving on to other styles of speaking.

This is typified by the expression, talking at the audience.


This type of speaking involves telling a story.

To appreciate the mastery of this skill, imagine a person who can play the notes of a piano perfectly. However, imagine there is no emotion in the playing of the notes. This is the difference between just being able to read a story and being able to tell it as if you were there.

Anyone can learn to correctly tell a story. To master this skill, it needs to be told using all the speaker skills.

The power of telling a story in your public speaking is often underestimated.

Weaving your message within a story is a powerful way to promote your message. The Power of Narratives is a study that suggests that stories will promote more familiarity in the test subjects than photographs. These memories were so powerful that they resulted in false memories.


Dialogue usually implies two people sharing in a conversation. How then can a public speaker engage in dialogue?

The key is in the speaker skills.

If you talk to the audience like you were talking to someone near and dear, just you and them you will be on your way. The questions, the pauses, the voice inflections all play a part in creating a suedo-dialogue with an audience.

Ideally, you will see those in visual range actually saying with their lips the answers to your questions.

Once decided on the public speaking delivery style, there will be another decision to make. How will you develop your outline? Did you know there are two kinds you could end up using in your speech writing? This is considered next.

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