Public Speaking Humor

On the subject of public speaking humor, have you ever said, "I can not tell a joke to save my life!" or something similar? You need to know that it is never necessary to tell a joke in a public speaking. On the other hand, humor is essential and should always be used when appropriate. What's the difference?

The difference is the punch-line. A joke, often told in the form of a funny story, usually incorporates a punch-line. Failing to deliver the joke right or if the audience doesn’t get it, you will die, even if just metaphorically.

Humor will always live even if the audience doesn’t get it. The only one who will know if it failed is you, the speaker. Besides, if your listeners are silent laughers, rollicking inside but remaining straight on the outside.

If the audience should laugh, you are just that much farther ahead. Actually it there is a simple rule of how things work in this regard. For this one reason, it is in your interest to learn how to add some funny to your talk and your life. That rule....

Money Flows to the Funny

How can you use humor in public speaking?

Here is a video explaining the types of humor.

Humor is defined as...

    Humor is the mental ability to be amusing or comic in speech. It includes the ability to understand or appreciate a joke or humorous statement. It can be noted in a persons laughter or facial expression on hearing something humorous.

    The ability to be amused or laugh is part of having a sense of humor.

    Humor success depends on a number of factors including geographical location, local culture, maturity, education, and even the context of the humor.

    The following are some aspects of humor to help you enhance your ability to present. Humor is a speaking skill. However, since it is so involved, it is covered more in-depth here.

    Benefits of Using Public Speaking Humor

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    Humor can be a life and death matter, both for the life of your career and the lives of those in your audience. Making people laugh can have numerous benefits beyond your income. Did you know that of all the pleasurable things we can do in life, humor is one that is not only non-fattening, it is heart healthy.

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Using Humor in Public Speaking

    Learn the simple principles of using humor in public speaking. Everything you need to consider for using humor in public speaking from audience to zebras. Who, what when, why, where, and how to incorporate humor in your public speaking.

Types of Humorous Public Speaking

When is Humor Appropriate and When is it Not?

    As your grandma used to say, there is a time a place for everything. When is humor appropriate and when is it not? Just a few general guidelines. There are cultural differences that need to be considered when mixing humor and public speaking.

We will be adding more to the Public Speaking Humor section. Please return to check it out. Suggestions are welcome. The Public Speaking Public Speaking Humor Web Site

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