Public Speaking Introductions

Public speaking introductions are the decisive keys to your talk or public speech. An effective public speech introduction, like a key, not only opens the talk, it opens the audience minds.

Like a key that unlocks a door, the introduction opens minds by arousing interest. It will also prepare the mind for what is being said. If done properly, it can create a hunger for the talk. Talk introductions set the stage for the act of the spoken word.

There are two kinds of introductions. One is one on one. By introducing yourself to the individuals in your audience before the talk, you will have greater access into their minds. More on this below.

What criteria do you need to be successful? More below.

What about the writing process? Learn more about this below.

We even have some examples. You can check them out below.

Make your introduction go BANG. Capture their attention and rock your audience.

If you get your introduction right or wrong, it can make or break your speech. There is so much more to learn. As you start down this road, you will always be improving and growing.

Meet and Greet Introductions How to say what you say when you meet to get maximum benefit. This is the other introduction, the private one on one.

Speech Introductions looks at the four criteria to make them successful.

Speech Writing Introductions looks at the writing process. The writing is where it all starts.

Example of a Speech Introduction looks at an example.

Interest Arousing Introductions considers the importance of creating a bang.

Speech Writing Home Page and more on speech writing.

More on public speaking introductions to come. home

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If / Then
If you start your introduction with a story, then you will have a better chance of reaching out and providing cardiac massage on the heart of your audience.
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