Public Speaking Jobs

Public speaking jobs come in all shapes, sizes and kinds.

From a job to self employment, there are a number of ways to make it as a professional public speaker.

Professional public speaking can be categorized as...

  • Paid Employee Spokespersons
  • Employees Who Speak
  • Jobs Focused on Public Speaking
  • Self Employment Speaking

Here is the breakdown of the various types of public speaking jobs and their job descriptions.

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Public Speaking Jobs List

Paid Employee Spokespersons

    Companies hire people to be their spokesperson. Your job is to be the verbal face of the company.

    There are numerous kinds of spokespersons. You may have seen one type of public speaker at malls and shopping centers when they sell knives and other items.

    Another type of employee spokesperson will be in the public relations department.

    Some companies hire people who just travel to conventions and seminars and speak in behalf the company.

    Public Address Announcer for events and games.

Employees Who Speak

    Some jobs have responsibilities that include public speaking.

    This includes most public relation jobs.

    Any jobs that have a public presence.

    Work for the chamber of commerce.

    Nonprofit Development Officers

    Project Development Specialists

    Social Workers

    Telecommunications Professionals




Jobs Focused on Public Speaking

    Elementary School Teacher

    High School Teacher

    College Instructor

    Seminar Leader

    Corporate Trainer

    Hospitality Managers


    Seminar Promoters and Presenters

Self Employment Speaking

    Free Lance Public Speaking...You can speak for those who do not want to speak. Sell your knowledge: books, tapes, CD’s and E-books

    There are also CE’s. CEU’s, CME’s If you are a professional, there is a constant need for continuing education. Here is the great news. You do not need a masters degree if you are speaking under a master or PhD prepared speaker.

Pay Someone To Speak For Them

    This may sound absurd. Put yourself in the shoes of someone you hope will book you. If you were going to hire you, would you prefer to pay or be paid to hire someone to speak.

    By changing this mindset and bringing value to the table, you have a better chance of getting booked. How do you pay to speak? By offering to speak in order to promote a product or service and help them make sales. Your fee will be contingent on the sales you make.

    All kinds of groups and associations need to present their message to the masses. Why not offer your services. Make a list of the groups and organizations that would like to have their message shared. Then propose to them.

Seminar Business

    Seminars provided to the public or corporations. Included here are continuing education, continuing education units and continuing medical education. As stated above, you do not need an advanced degree to profit from this type of speaking. You do have to work under a PhD or Masters prepared instructor.


    Using the internet and various tools like Go To Meeting it is possible to create, promote and deliver high quality seminars and programs on the internet.

The Corporate Training Company

    Companies like Career Track, Fred Prior and Duck Tape Marketing use speakers and seminar leaders to present their material. They often times promote the program. The job is primarily speaking and presenting.

    If your library has any video tapes there may still be some Career Track videos on file. You can preview their message. This often involves travel and overnight stays.

Speakers Bureaus

    Health care uses professional speakers. Often the big pharmaceutical companies have speakers bureaus. If you are an accomplished speaker, you can sign up, speak and get paid.

    Actually, many organizations and corporations have speakers bureaus.

    There are more jobs public speaking or professional public speaking jobs to come. Do you know of any we missed? If you know of any jobs in public speaking...

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