Are You a Public Speaking Lawyer?

or How Can I Build My Practice With Public Speaking?

Part II: Public Speaking Lawyer: Building the Bottom Line

Part I: Public Speaking Attorney: Economic Benefits
Part III: Lawyer Public Speaking: A Brief How To Guide

Being a public speaker and a lawyer will allow you to connect with the people that will some day need your services.

As in Part I, building relationships involves relating. By speaking to groups as a public speaking lawyer, small or large, you have the power to start relating. The audience can see you and you can see them. They will be able to see you as a person and not as an attorney.

More importantly, it will allow you brand yourself.

Public Speaking Lawyer Tip

When someone asks you about your practice, how do you respond?

Your first response should be...Thanks for asking. Before saying anything else, just say, thanks for asking. Why?

Their asking has shown interest in you and what you do. It is like a friendly warm up game of tennis, public speaking lawyer style.

Since they are asking and you say thanks for asking, you have just engaged them. They served a tennis ball to you and you have taken the swing to send it back to them.

Will you hit it so hard that or soft that they will not be able to return the ball back to you? It is up to you. To make it a friendly volley, you will have to make sure the ball goes directly to them.

By their asking you a question, you now have permission to ask them a question. You fix that right by saying...thanks for asking.

Where the ball lands in their court is now up to your speechmastery skills.

Next say....I believe we are living in a time of an unprecedented exchange of wealth (or what ever you believe). The law can protect people in ways unimagined in the past.

So, our law firm has started an educational component for our clients, and, well, anyone who is interested in learning how to protect themselves. It is a free service we offer. It is automated so you do not have to worry about anyone selling you anything.

From here, introduce your newsletter or your educational website.

Cash in on Small Jobs

Another benefit from being a public speaking lawyer and being able to connect to you audience has to do with thinking small. Small as in small jobs. Ah, but your thinking a small job is not worth your time. The problem with that thinking, especially in a down market, is that small job could some day lead to a large job.

More importantly, if nobody wants the small jobs, then there are that many more to be had. Your competition will gladly send them to you for free to avoid the annoyance. Think of it as catering to the poor to sleep with the rich.

Listen and Learn

Being a public speaking lawyer can benefit you if you take the time to listen and learn. You learn what people are thinking, what they are concerned about and what they need. By listening you can tailor your legal services to meet the needs of your audience, as those needs change through the years.

Of course people will want you to be psychic and foretell the future of what you will be able to accomplish.

Can you really know what they want if you do not first listen to them?

Create a pre-resolution evaluation, perhaps something that they fill out in the waiting room.

Some basic simple questions to ask...

  • What do you expect?
  • How will you feel if you do not get what you expect?
  • How will you feel if you only get half of what you want?
  • What do you expect to get from an attorney?

By doing this you will accomplish three things.

Manifest Consultative Spirit of Intent.

Creates a Positive Sense of Control

Demonstrates Your Confidence.

Only a confident person is going to ask you that question. Do not resist any answer they give. Does Santa ever say, your not getting that, forget that? You are discovering. They will eventually find out that Santa still does not exist. This is not the time to teach them this.

If your client cannot answer these questions, do you want to even hire them as a customer.

Once discovery is over, then establish your spirit of intent. What is the best that you can do. Remember, they have already identified what they want. You now share your spirit of intent.

This is like the difference of the intent of the law and the spirit of the law.

You are sharing the spirit of your intent to help them if you can.

True Story Looking to buy a rental property in 1995, we shopped for the best priced loan we could find. On paying the appraisal fee and feeling like everything was going good, the bank said the loan would not work for us. Instead, they offered a different loan arrangement.

Rather than signing the papers, we left and re-read the papers.

Turns out it was not only not a good deal, it would have been the worse deal we could have ended up with compared to others we had looked at.

A quick call to my attorney revealed that for the $350 spent for the appraisal, there was little chance of recovery of any of it.

Doing this on principle or not, he felt it was in my best interest not to pursue it. Hey, his business was great and he did not need me.

Remember. it took me slightly more time to say what happened than what it took you to read it here.

Since I was familiar with the law, regulations and legal proceedings, I wrote the letter. The result, we got all $350 back from the bank. On informing my attorney, he congratulated me, saying it is unbelievable that you were able to pull that off.

He missed out in two ways.

One, he could have offered to write me a letter for $50. Hey, he was doing good, why take on such a small job that could have been passed off to a paralegal and mailed out. Even though in line with his billable hour fee, it was not worth it.

Second loss was knowledge. How did I, not a lawyer, pull off getting a full refund from the bank. Had he taken the time to listen, he would have possibly seen a new profit center for future days when his practice was not doing as good as it was currently.

As a public speaking lawyer, you are sharing in a form of lawyer marketing. With out marketing, you will not grow.

Speak well and prosper.

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