Public Speaking Nurse

A Path Leading to a Career

This is how I became a public speaking nurse. As I was learning public speaking, the opportunity to fulfill one of my life goals became available. The goal was getting into the health care field. It was realized when I became a professional nurse.

What does Nursing Have to do With Public Speaking?


    The book What Color is Your Parachute indicated teaching would be a good career choice for me. Further, the most important part of nursing is teaching. Nursing is more than bed pans and giving injections.

    Patient teaching includes motivational and persuasive speaking. So becoming a public speaking nurse was a natural.

    The career change opened even more speaking opportunities. Becoming a public speaking nurse made it possible to lecture in other countries. Up till recently, my speaking was limited to the health care and patient teaching.

    The love of speaking and persuasive and motivational speech continue to be important concepts to me. Teaching and speaking were inseparably linked in my nursing career and becoming a public speaking nurse.

Unconscious Competence as a Public Speaking Nurse

    There was something missing though. It soon became apparent that I had an unconscious competence. I didn’t know what I knew.

    One day, a manager came up to me in my hospital to discuss my patient teaching. She asked what I was doing with my patients receiving lap gastric bypass surgery.

    She went on to explain that she had attended a support meeting. She spoke of the positive things my patients had to say about my care and my concern and most of all, my teaching. One patient that night even spent her whole time talking about me.

    This was followed by several other managers saying similar things to me. What was I doing to this particular patient group that other nurses were not doing? It turned out it was related to my becoming a public speaking nurse.

    The morbidity in the early years of this procedure was one in 200. My hospitals enjoyed a greater success ratio than the national average.

    Average or not, none of my patients ever died. There was one patient that by all odds should not be here. After almost a year, she walked down the hall of the hospital to find me and give me a hug. She had already lost over 100 pounds.

    Prior to the surgery she could not even walk. She, as did so many others through the years, came back and thanked me for being her nurse.

    Yet I didn’t know how this success was possible.

Words can save lives

    She came so close to death so many times, twice on my watch. In the end, I have to believe it was words that saved her life. Yes, the doctors and nurses all shared in keeping her alive. But the persuasive and motivational words were first and fore most what probably saved her life.

    A lesson learned, words can save a life.

    What continued elusive to me, what was it about words and their use that gave them power? If you read This I Believe, The Spirit of Man you will get another glimpse of the power of words to save a life.

    It only took seven words spoken to a dieing patient may have saved her life.

    Maybe it was just the hospital or the demography. With a move to another hospital almost two hours away the same result was happening. My work as a public speaking nurse continued.

    Even in the emergency room, where I had just begun training, the letters of thanks and commendation were coming in.

    Not satisfied with the praise, it became my desire to know why. With so many other wonderful nurses all around, some great ones, what was I doing different. Was there something about the use of words, being a public speaking nurse, using motivational and persuasive speaking that was eluding me?

    Then the answer became apparent. I found it in a book about Neural Linguistic Programming. At last, the reason for my success in the hospital, with my patient teaching, with my patients and as a public speaking nurse. This science that I stumbled on in ignorance made it possible to change and even save lives.

    It was unknowingly applying that science with my patients that increased my ability to connect with them. It was an incredible discovery. I wanted to share it with who ever would listen.

    But where should I start with my Public Speaking Nurse Career?

    There was research that had to be done. My first test subjects became my friends and fellow nurses.

Meet my Friends, My Test Subjects

    I tested it on those I had to work with who used gross and fowl language. I also tested it on the BMW Club. These are the individuals who we know that are chronic Blamers, Moaners and Whiners. A wonderful lesson learned about public speaking, it has power to stop gossip and foul language.

    It wasn’t limited there. It was tested on those who had been brought up in abusive families and relationships. The success continued. A lesson learned in my public speaking nurse career, public speaking skill can be a force to help improve individuals or even entire organizations.

    One dear friend, who 'changed' was approached by someone and told, 'Your different.' She looked at me and then looked at the one who complimented her and said, I decided to change the way I think.” It only took one month for her to in effect re-program and change what was her child hood of negative programming into a bright and positive adult person.

    One evening, New Years Eve, a colleague started complaining of the staff on another floor. I looked to her and said, 'It's not like you to complain about your colleagues.' She looked up and quickly apologized. Another complaint was never heard from her.

    One nurse actually resigned from the hospital because of all the bickering, complaining and backbiting going on at that hospital. When she told me, even though she was a new grad, my interest in persuasive speech and furthering my public speaking nurse career was soon about to become a mission.

    How could I share with the masses all that I was learning? A writer I am not, well, let me qualify that by saying 'not yet.'

    It soon became apparent the fastest way to advance my public speaking nurse career was to start a web site. All I was learning about public speaking, about words, persuasive speech and motivational speaking could be shared with even more on the web.

    And that is how was inspired. The best thing about being a public speaking nurse, what I learned in creating this site, anyone can do this too. You can do it just like I did.

    If you want to know how you can speak, start a web site or even write, you need to read these two books. They are easy reads. The power they have however will change your life if you put them to work. Home: The Public Speaking Nurse Resource

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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