The Public Speaking Outline Framework

How can making a speech outline enhance your speaking?

Public Speaking Outline Framework

With the pre-building work completed, you’re ready to proceed on the blueprint. We’re not groundbreaking yet. You must take your goals and start to outline your speech with that vision in mind. This will prevent your project from turning into a monstrosity.

The blueprint to what you will say is your outline. There are simple principles that if followed, will increase the speech’s effectiveness. Find out more on how to create an outline and why it is an easier way to accomplish your speech writing.

Two Outlines, Two Purposes

The first outline you will create is the blueprint of your talk. It is as essential for your success as a business plan is to a new venture.

With out it, your ability to coherently create a speech will be limited.

With it you will be able to see the whole speech, the flow, and overall feel.

The blue print like outline will allow you to see what is relevant and what is fluff.

Outline Organization







There is a second type of outline. to enhance your speaking. This is the one that you use to deliver your public speaking from. It is different from the outline mentioned above. It has been refined, polished, and is tightly focused on the talk you will be delivering.

With the outline in place, develop your introduction next. Do you know what element of your introduction is most vital to the entire talk?

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