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Using Quotations to Say it Better

You no doubt have found the public speaking quote often abused. It happens even more all over the net. What can be done to avoid overusing a quotation and looking amateurish or even cliché?

One shining example of abuse is one related to public speaking. The Jerry Seinfeld gag, people would rather be having their eulogy given over them rather than giving one has been often over used and abused.

What about the trip to the dentist, being told you have cancer, or even, and forgive me, a math test where you can not use a calculator or even your fingers. You want to compare stress, between a choice of public speaking and a math test, the speaking will be chosen hands down as the preferred thing to do.

Here in lies a solution to the overused quote. Use athlete quotes for non-athletes to illustrate the point. Recycle quotes from decades ago to have fresh material.

For your speaking enhancement, please feel free to use, but as always, give attribution.

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Click Here for Inspirational Quotes for Athletes is a comprehensive list of quotes listed by keywords. This link has the search broke down into keywords. Search the keywords to find what fits your needs.

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Public Speaking Quotes from Times Past

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How the Non-Sports Quotes Were Obtained

    The solution for fresh quotes was a vexing challenge. Then, in the old books on the library shelf was the answer. In particular, those over 50 years old and as much as 120 years old. At 75 years, many of the quotations lost much of their meaning or were inappropriate.

    I found a particularly interesting one from 1909 that spoke of treating children suffering from stupidity. The true meaning can only be left to the imagination.

    The quotes used only 50 years ago do indeed have some relevance to our time for a few reasons. If you need a public speaking quote, then you have come to the right place.

    They will resonate with the older ones in the audience. They will have a familiarity to those alive but much younger when they were often used and even abused. There is a nostalgia element.

    And best of all, when you recycle them, you will make them fresh in the minds of many.

    Yes, it is your privilege to be a literary Robin Hood. Steal from the witty and give to the illiterate ( a line borrowed from an old Carol Burnett and Walter Matthieu movie)

    Perhaps you can use some in your public speaking.

    You should be able to find a public speaking quote for almost any subject.

    They are organized by topic and as new ones are discovered they will be added. The Public Speaking Quote Resource

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