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The Public Speaking Resources are sites and links where you can find additional information that will help you progress in your public speaking skills.

Retirement and Public Speaking

Your retirement speech went well, and now you are thinking, "hey, I could be good at this public speaking!" Do you want to share your lifetime accumulated wisdom with others? Do you want to become persuasive and informative as you share your knowledge? Or do you just want to meet new friends, and add public speaking as one of your retirement hobbies?

In addition to being a nurse, public speaker and other things, I am also and artist. You can see some of my works at This is more than just a art website. If you ever need to speak on the topic of art, art investing or art collecting, you will find a lot of information on these topics and more.

If you like alternative health, that is the foundation of my nursing career. It is also a great topic to speak on. Nearly 51% of the population would prefer alternatives health care according to research. is focused on the bodies master antioxidant. Anything related to health most likely is related to glutathione. The studies, research and the layman explanation of complimentary and alternative health care are covered here.

While consdiered by some as alternative, The Water Cures Protocol is the foundation of finding your best health. Likewise, it too is a great topic to speak on. It is quite simply, the oral version of a saline IV. is focused on the bodies need for water and the electrolytes that help the water stay inside our body until its work is done.

Use some of the tidbits you will find as information to spice up a talk.

More public speaking resources and website resources will be added in the future. The Public Speaking Resources Website

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Better Public Speaking Tips

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