A Public Speaking Top Ten List

A How to Tutorial

A public speaking top ten list is a way to capture the attention of your audience. The concept is based on the common suggestions from press release tutorials. Press release writers use them because they work. They can work for you too.

Which Numbers are Best

The number ten is not arbitrary. It is also not necessarily the best number unless your David Letterman. Without going deeply into the psychology, the best numbers in a list would be 3, 5, 7 and then 10.

If the speech is in anyway connected to the web, then the public speaking top ten list is perfect as a key word rich number. Otherwise, unless the topic dictates, use the smaller numbers.

Create a meaningful list on any topic following the basic rules of great speech writing and you will have a sure winner.

Remember the all important “What’s in it for me.” Identify your most wanted response. Include audience demographics and listening styles and you are set.

A public speaking top ten list has a few other concerns to address. To make it truly a success, you will need to implement a few other tools.

Five Things You Need to Do


Remember the number or the point your presenting.
It is so discouraging for an audience to hear a public speakers top ten list and the speaker leaves out an occasional number. Even worse, he forgets the numbers half way through. As a mental tool to help remember, always use repetition for emphasis.


Give the audience a hand out.
This is an excellent tool to help them remember your public speaking top ten list points and your contact info. Make sure and have your contact info on the footer or header of each page. Even better, make your hand out a tri-fold brochure if appropriate. This way it will fit in a pocket.


When the number is 3, 5, or 7, make it a negative.
I am a big proponent for positive messages. However the logic makes so much sense.

Which is easier on your busy schedule, if I give you three things you need to do or three things you need to be careful not to do. It is easier to embrace eliminating three mistakes from our daily activities.


Make the point simple.
Each point should be no longer than one line of print. If you make it longer, the point will be hard to remember. Short, sweet, and to the point will win the day, and the audience mind.


Review each of the points in the conclusion. Repetition, even though they will have a handout, further reinforces the info that your shared with each of the points you presented.

Do this and you will have a great tool to help with your next presentation.

Alpha or Numeric, Which is Better?

If you print out the public speakers top ten list, you might be aware that on the web not all things are equal. The top 10 list gets slightly less hits than the top ten list. Notice difference between numbers and letters. Although I did not do an exhaustive search, the only other number of keyword interest is the top 5 list.

And this concludes my top 5 list on how to make a top ten list for your audience and the web.

Speechmastery.com: The Public Speaking Top Ten List Resource.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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