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    Perhaps the last place to think of getting public speaking training would be from the television. We usually equate the TV with mindless activity and or entertainment. However,it may be a great place to get an education.

    However what better place can you find a collection of the best orators performing? In watching them speak you will find a lesson in how to improve your own public speaking. It is like your own private public speaking course. This one public speaking tip can prove invaluable to your advancement.

    If you’re like me, you don’t even have cable and never watch TV unless it is an occasional video. You favorite resource may be one of the mediums that was TV prior to the late 50’s. It was called books.

    If so, you may want to rethink the way you view TV, the news, movies, and the many learning shows.

    Yes, there is a lot of bad news, tainted, one sided, and spun news. There are even some mindless movies we subject ourselves to. Occasionally some great movies. Good or bad, it can all be training.

    Reconsider TV as a wonderful resource for your public speaking training.

    Television, both in the news casts and in the documentary / movie aspects is a rich resource to learn how to improve word usage and speaking ability.

    Like it or not, we are a product of what we feed our minds. To get the nourishment of what we eat requires in some cases chewing it. In other cases choices as to what we eat. The same is true with TV.


    Choose to watch the TV that will enhance your abilities to connect with an audience. Some of the places you can get public speaking training on the TV include…

    • News Cast
    • Documentary Shows
    • Great Movies and movie dialogs
    • Recordings of Great Speeches
    • Movies with Great Speeches
    • Educational Show Narrations
    • Book Readings
Chew Your Mind Food

    Just as we chew food to get the most enjoyment out of it, do the same with your mind. See yourself in the picture or giving the news cast.

    Mentally put your self in the same situation, saying the same words. Mentally rehearse what your watching.

    Look at the content and delivery form the critical standpoint of how it is done. This requires not only watching, it also requires thinking about what is said. Consider too, how it is said. Look at each presentation with a critical view of the speaker skills.

    Ask what you like about the way the person speaks. What do you not like? Can you learn to control your speech to imitate the same quality?

    Although it may not be the same style you would use in front of your audience, you can still learn Speechmastery of your voice watching others speak. Learning this will help you master your own speech.

    In addition to how they speak, look at what they say.

    The words professionals use can be a source of mental food for the words you choose. Notice word combination's. Notice words that are not used.

    As an example, consider how you will usually never see two words together where one ends in “s” and the next word starts in “s” as in “seeing seven snakes smiling.” You can no doubt say it clearly. However in a microphone, it may sound like the snakes are making the sssss sound at the same time.

    One area of oration related to public speaking is public reading. It is just as important to learn how to read well. Look for TV shows that have readings.

    Perhaps the all time best reader is LeVar Burton. His reading is loaded with personality and quality. You can catch him on the children’s PBS TV show Reading Rainbow.

    Now try to emulate LeVar Burton. You will find it more difficult than you could imagine. Again, he is perhaps one of the world’s best.

    From the news to documentaries to movies, TV can be a wonderful source to improve your public speaking. It can be a place to receive public speaking training in the privacy of your home.

    Television can be an exceptional resource for public speaking training if you learn to use it as learning tool. It has some of the best speakers and best readers. It also has the best speech writers in the form of screen writers.

    Use it, learn from it and master your public speaking with it.

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