Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension: How Can I Read and Remember?

Find it hard to remember what you read? Reading comprehension is essential to stay on top of your industry or your public speaking topic. Reading skill has experienced a decline in our society. You can improve comprehension of what you read.

  • Do you read and immediately forget what you read?
  • Do you regress or go back to re-read sentences when reading?
  • Do you re-read entire paragraphs due to not remembering what your read?

Then my friend, your problem may be reading comprehension. Learning how to read and remember is easier than you think.

  • Do you go through periods where you just don't read because it is easier to be ignorant than waste time not retaining what you read.
  • Do you avoid complicated novels because of the plots and names that you would not be able to possibly remember?
You Are Not Alone

    Many face the same reading comprehension challenge. Some might think of it as a reading and remembering problem. However, I suggest it is a reading comprehension challenge. Using a reading comprehension strategy you can improve your remembering.

    This is one of my favorite subjects to speak on as it unlocks potential people don’t realize they have. It just works.

    Comprehension is defined as basically the same as understanding. Ir refers to grasping mentally. It has a secondary meaning of taking in fully.

    Here in is the challenge. Reading comprehension is the ability to take in fully and grasp what is being read. It is a challenge many readers face. Some college professors feel the generation starting in 1975 began the downward spiral and ultimate death of reading as it was done by humans as a society. Oh people still read, but it is not the same as in past times.

    Before the explosion of the new invention in the late 50’s called TV, other than Radio, Books were the media in which writers could tell a vision and have it read by the masses.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension

    We are working on a reading comprehension guide. It will be published in the future.

    This will help you increase your reading capability and enhance your aptitude.

    If you understand how the mind works.

    Some recent papers seem to indicate that our brains cannot multi-task, rather it has the ability to shift instantly from one task to the other. Therefore it is thought it is best to do just one thing.

    This begs the question, how can a performer play the piano with two hands and sing at the same time? I even did an experiment for my own satisfaction of this subject. When singing in front of an audience, as the words were coming out of my mouth I mentally started looking at the faces of those I knew in the audience and started mentally saying their names at the same time the words of the music were flowing from my mouth.

    Mental multi-tasking is the basis of the formula for learning reading comprehension.

    For this reading comprehension formula to work, you will have to work at learning it. Although it will increase your reading speed, initially you will spend a considerable amount of time to learn the process.

    I would like to make a suggestion that you practice the process by reading the Awake Magazine printed by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.

    My colleagues in academia, judges and even a former Supreme Court Justice read this journal, finding it to be one of the best written journals. More importantly, it is written in the best way to hone your reading skills.

    It is offered on a contribution basis so cough up some pocket change and get several. Initially it may take you an hour and one half to read. Once you learn the process, you should be able to read the entire magazine in 30 to 45 minutes. More importantly, you will be able to repeat what each article is about, cover to cover. Eventually, you will be able to include statistics.

    There are numerous reasons for recommending it. It provided fodder for virtually all of my college classes. Back issues helped me ace philosophy and irritate my professors. Although it lacks references, with the computer it is easy to compensate for any needs. Perhaps the biggest reason, it consistently is ahead of the current news in the information it covers.

    I can’t remember how many times issues it covered appeared in the TV news with in days of my getting it. Print topics usually take several weeks from inception to hit the streets. It is ironic. One of the more recent examples, an article on the stem cell issue was delineated and surprise, it is a multi-faceted issue, some of which would not be an issue for the majority of the population.

The Reading Comprehension Improvement Process

    First Sit Down

    Find a slightly uncomfortable chair. At a table may be best to get started. If you’re too comfortable your mind will more easily drift.

    Get a blank index card or folded piece of paper. You will use this to block your view so will need something blank.

    Open your magazine. Reading Comprehension is best learned if you can do several articles at a time or an entire magazine.

    Look at the table of contents. This allows your mind to create a mental map of your journey. Don't spend a lot of time doing this. Just do it.

    Skip any feed back or editorial pages for your first session. Go to the first article. Look at the title. Ask what you know about the subject. What do you not know?

    Next scan the article for sub headings or highlighted thoughts. They provide a slightly smaller map of where you’re going.

    With your blank paper in hand, place it over the second paragraph. Start to read every word of the first paragraph as fast as you can. Not speed reading. This is comprehension reading. Resist any urge to regress. Totally focus on just reading the one paragraph as fast as you can while still reading each word.

    On completion, cover over the paragraph and mentally recap the entire paragraph. Then restate it into one sentence.

    A clue to help here on your first go round, the topic sentence will tend to do the trick.

    Now you’re going to use a simple quality that you’re genetically programmed with. It is called your short term memory. Generally it will remember for about 20 seconds. In other words, you can remember several things or clumps of things for 20 seconds. After that, all bets are off.

    The first few times you do this it will be very frustrating as you will want to look back. If you do, you will not learn the power of your mind. You need to tap into the neural connections and make them stronger. You can only do this by not regressing and strictly focusing. The answer is inside your brain. Get it out.

    Incidentally, this works no matter what age. I have taught this to people in their 70’s and they are amazed at the power of the mind. The only problem, knowing how to unlock the power.

    On completion of your first paragraph, having identified a sentence that explains it, you will move on to paragraph two. Again read every word as fast as you can. Cover it over and formulate the entire paragraph into one thought or one sentence.

    Now, return to your first paragraph one sentence thought. In your mind restate the first sentence about the first paragraph. Then repeat the second sentence of the second paragraph.

    Move on to the third paragraph. Repeat the steps. First state the meaning of the third paragraph in one sentence and then start with the first paragraph and repeat each sentence for each successive paragraph.

    On completion, sum up the entire article. Go back and look at the index as you mentally do this. This is a process that allows your mind to catalog the information with the rest of the information. If your dominant sense is visual, look at the cover of the magazine and impress the date of the magazine with the picture.

    After you have completed reading the entire magazine you are not done yet. You now need to go and tell two people about what you have read. The best way to do this is have a reading comprehension partner that you can compare notes with.

    With the death of reading, you can instantly become a literary Robin Hood, stealing from the witty and giving to the illiterate (this is a favorite line form an old Carol Burnett /Walter Matthau movie).

    What if you don’t need to read the whole magazine? This technique still works when you’re scan reading as well. You can have the benefit of the magazine with out reading the entire magazine.

    Go to Keeping up with Reading

    Please let me know how this works for you. I would like to put up some of your comments and testimonials. I will only use first names unless you want some free publicity and give me permission.

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