Selling Basics: The 2% Closure Myth

Selling basics are an important part of public speaking.

If you are public speaking on purpose, most likely you are selling as part of your public speaking.

How Much Better Than 2% Close Can I Do?

    There are numerous principles involved in effective selling. One of the most basic psychologies of the sale is the number of times people need to be approached.

    Salesmen from the past will tell you that you have one shot of selling. If you don’t make the sale the first time, you are wasting your time. They will even show science that shows that only about 2% of sales close.

    That 2% rule is a myth. It is true that about 2% of direct marketing results in a sale. That the best you can hope for is a myth.

If There Was a Better Way?

    What if there was a way that would provide more than 2% close rate. Would you be interested? What if there was science to back it up?

    There is another way. Research in sales science shows that if you only approach a person one time, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to sell.

    • 48% of Salesmen Do Not Make a Follow Up Call on Prospects
    • 25% of Salesmen Make a Follow Up but then they Stop
    • 12% of Salesmen Make Three Contacts but then Stop

    Why do some salesmen succeed while others fail. Only about 10% of salesmen make more than three contacts with potential clients.

    What about the 2% Rule. You know, 2% of your contacts will buy. And you may have to talk to 98 people to get two to buy from you.

    There are some surprising statistics on the 2% rule. Selling Basics

  • 2% of sales are the result of the first sales contact
  • 3% of sales are the result of the second sales contact
  • 5% of sales are the result of the third sales contact
  • 10% of sales are the result of the fourth sales contact
  • 80% of sales are the result of the 5th to 12th sales contact
  • Some sales will take as many as 23 sales contacts to close the sale.

    You may be thinking, who wants to be asked 12 times if they want to buy something. The answer, nobody. The reality is, and what the old world salesmen do not get, each time you contact the potential customer, your objective should not be to sell them. Your objective should be to either to discover their needs, build a relationship or to presell.

    If it is done right, your customer will be coming to ask you for the product or service and you will not be asking them to close the sale.

    This may defy everything you have ever heard about closing sales. It probably will not work for everyone. Using this method has resulted in a 22-37% closure rate of those who indicate interest in the product or service and who are qualified. The selling basics work in numerous ways.

    If you want to know how to sell an idea, how to sell ideas, how to sell products or how to sell services, the selling basics will work.

    So, if you have a 2% close rate, the national average, and what your doing is not broken, well, then do not fix it. Just keep doing what your doing and keep getting what you have been getting.

    But, if you realize that we live in a constantly changing world and we need to change to meet the needs of this world, then consider the possibilities.

    Consider if there was a better way when it comes to selling basics. Please check out the other aspects of persuasive public speaking.

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