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Get it Close and Eliminate the Nicks

A clean shave is an essential part of public speaking. One of the three pillars of great public speaking is how we present ourselves. If you want to really wow your wife, this is for you too. Popular media shows guys with stubble as being cool. Ask any woman if she likes kissing a face that feels like sandpaper and you will find it is mostly cool on the TV and Movies.

A Close Shave

    Would you like to have a smooth face, one like you would get from a razor in the hands of an experienced barber? Would you like to do it yourself?

    Do you have a problem with razor burn or nicks, those tiny cuts that perpetually plague you every time a razor comes close to your face?

    What if there was a solution. Are you ready for a perfect shave. Want to know the how to for shaving?

    First the traditional wisdom of the way you remove facial hair is not necessarily correct. Some old time barbers will say that you do it this way and then that way. The correct way will depend on your face and the way your facial hair grows. This means different strokes for different folks.

Wet the Beard

    Our hair absorbs water. Once saturated, it becomes softer. You already know this. What happens when you wash your head and then lay on it, even after you have towel dried it? It will find all kinds of new ways to lay, all the wrong way.

    Our beard in many ways is the same. The longer and the warmer the water, the softer it becomes.

    A second benefit is the opening of pores and making it easier for the hairs to be cut as low as possible.

    Next, lather up. Here is the secret revealed as to get a great shave. The shaving cream does little to help the actual cutting other than keep the beard soft and lubricating. The longer the beard hair is open to the air, the more it dries and the harder to cut. Shaving cream holds in the moisture.

    Personally I like glycerin based shaving creams. If you want to make it an experience, use a shaving brush. A can of cream could last over a year. You only need a very little.

The Ultimate Shave

    Next the shave. I have spent years of scientific study on the best way to prevent razor burn and eliminate nicks. This of course on my own face. After years of trying and studying various creams, lotions, and potions I have finally discovered the best, nay, the ultimate shave.

    The solution was not in the cream, lotion or oil. The answer was in the razor.

    It came in the form of a old fashioned kind of double edge razor. However, there is something you need to know about this. So before you give me the click off, check out rest of the story about the Fusion.

With the Grain

    First, these razors come in different angles. One tended to cut me more than the other. Also, it required a learning curve to be able get it just right. But once accomplished, I not only got a better shave, it cost a fraction of the multi-blade shavers.

    When applying the razor to the face, first strokes need to be with the grain. What is the grain? You can tell by the way your beard growth feels. Rub your face one direction and it feels like your stubble stands up on end. The other direction it lays down. You want to shave the direction it lays down for the first cut.

    For me this mean laterally from left cheek to right cheek when going under the chin. It is sort of a colic thing I have going on there.

    If you shave against the grain you are in line for a razor burn and even ingrown hairs.

    Make sure to see if the hair on your neck grows in a different direction than the hair on your face. Adjust your shaving pattern accordingly to shave with the grain.

    Want an even closer cut? Wet your skin with warm water again and again if not shaving on getting out of the shower and apply some shaving cream. Only this time now go against the grain.

    Avoid applying too much pressure. Let the razor gently glide over the growth it is cutting.

Did You Have The Feeling

    There is this feeling that hits your gut when it comes to spending money on some things. My first name is not Tightwad and my middle initial does not begin with Frugal.

    However there was this feeling of...what can five blades do that one cannot. Actually the thought of getting cut up five times as bad was part of the thinking process. Too, it seemed like a monumental waste of money.

    I fell for the five blade marketing ploy until trying various double edge razors. Once finding one that worked, it was unbelievable. It was simply the best shave I have ever had outside a barbers chair. But gets better.

    As mentioned above, it costs about 30 cents a week verses a few dollars. While this is not much, multiply it by 52 weeks and by how ever many hears you have to shave.

    One of the issues with the big body of the shaver is how will it be possible to cut up next to the nose. Problem solved by learning how to position the shaver near the nose.

The Ultimate Shave vs The Tightwad

    So the price was right. They worked better than any razor ever tried before this. And look ma, no more razor burn and no nicks. Best of all, more was indeed less. Better was cheaper in the long run.

    I am sold.

    BTW...I am not getting any kind of pay from the makers of these stainless steel razor holders for this endorsement. This is purely my passion for public speaking and paying it forward to other public speakers who are faced with challenges of various sorts.

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