Skills Public Speech Critique

This is an important tool to help you progress as a speaker. This is your skills Public Speech Critique self directed reveiw. If your using public speaking coaching or public speaking training to master your oratory skills, then a critique of your qualities can help you progress.

Skills Public Speech Critique List

Informative to the Audience

Was the speech informative?

Does the speech fulfill the job to be done?

Know the Make Up of Your Audience

Does the language or words of the speaker demonstrate a recognition of the audience make up?

If there, were young ones included?

If an elderly audience, does the speaker make references that only the young will appreciate?

Introductions that Capture Attention

Does the introduction arouse interest?

Does it capture your audience attention?

Use of Questions

Does the speaker effectively and appropriately use questions?

Were there leading questions?

Were there rhetorical questions?

Were there open ended questions?

Was there audience participation questions used?


Overall timing: was it within 30 seconds of allotted time?

Was the timing of introduction appropriate?

Accurate Pronunciation

Did the speaker pronounce words correctly?

Were names pronounced correctly?

Correct Word Usage

Did the speaker use the appropriate words?

Were the words used correctly?

Proper Name Pronunciation Do you know the three different circumstances where this is vital?

Words Clearly Spoken

Was the speaking clear throughout the talk?


Was there a fluent use of words?

Was the entire speech fluent?

Pace Pitch Power

Did the speaker use an appropriate pace.

Was their a variation of pace?

Was pitch appropriate?

Did the speaker vary the pitch?

Was the power appropriate at the right time?

Was there a variation of power?

Word Whiskers

Were there any ...uhs...and uhs... or other common whiskers?

Were there other kinds such as...and now, and next.


Was there pausing for emphasis?

Was there pausing for drama?

Were pauses used for transitions?

Did the speaker pause for circumstances (if necessary)?

Did the speaker pause to allow the audience to think?

Sense stress

Did the speaker use sense stress?

Was the sense stress appropriately?


Was modulation used?

Enthusiastic Presentation

Was there enthusiasm?

Was the enthusiasm appropriate for the talk?


Was the speaker natural and conversational?


Were gestures used?

Were there emphatic gestures?

Were there descriptive gestures?


Did the gestures turn into mannerisms?


Were analogies used?

Were they clear?

Were they appropriate?

Dress, Grooming and Poise

Was the dress, grooming appropriate?

Was there poise?

Use of an Outline

Did the speaker use an outline? Did the speaker use a manuscript?

Rapport with Audience

Did the speaker build rapport with the audience?

Coherence Through Connectors

Did the speaker use connectives from thought to thought?

Were connectors used for transitions from points?

Were connectives used?

Dynamic Range

Was there a use of dynamic range in the voice?

Public Speaking Microphones

Were mics used properly?

Did the speaker make full use of the mic?

Use of Profanity

Did the speaker use any profanity?

Did the speaker use any veiled profanity or foreign language profanity?

Did the speaker use any gestures that are considered profane?

Did the speaker use any micro expressions that are considered profane?

Did the speaker use any micro gestures that are considered obscene?

This skills public speech critique list is a work in progress.

Go to Speaking Skills List and find more info on the speaking skills.

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