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How I Avoided A Sore Throat for Over Two Decades?

If you have ever had a sore throat, then this is a personal note from Jonathan Steele, RN about my experience with this painful condition. And yes, I have not had a sore throat for over 23 years now, since early in 1994 on learning of this secret weapon for better health.

Look Ma, No Sore Throat for over 23 Years Now

If you do this one thing, then you will not suffer with the dreaded pain in the neck ever again. It is that good. If you feel one starting to take hold and you do this, you will stop it in its tracks.

Zinc Lozenges have prevented or ended the onset of that annoying throat pain for me for over 16 years now. The season is always around the corner but not for me.

Dear Fellow Speaker and Friend,

In my experience in life, I have come across many wonderful things. This is one so good, it needs to be shouted from the roof tops. There are not enough good things to say about zinc lozenges.

This is the ultimate treatment for that pain in the neck. It also has been clinically proven to shorten the length of a cold. What is it?

You can get them almost anywhere.

It is zinc lozenges. There is no exception. In the several years of nursing since they were first recommended by a surgeon when commenting of my throat being sore just before leaving work. Now, over 20 years later, I have not had a single sore throat. Not one. None, nada, zippo. Is it the best remedy, treatment, and relief, nay shall I say cure. This I believe.

Why such a strong belief in this? As a nurse, it has benefited me professionally in my practice of nursing. But most of all, I believe it because of the time I spent as a pediatric nurse and seeing it work. Yes, working with dear little sneezing, coughing little children and not a single day with a painful throat.

As a matter of fact, so do all who have tried as first directed by my doctor friend. If you heard the zeal with which they talk about the lozenges, you would think it is me talking.

The Ultimate Sore Throat Cure

Their price is so reasonable; you owe it to your self to give it a try. What do you have to lose, except a painful throat? Note: technically it cannot be said they are a cure. However, who ever has used them will swear by them.

In my experience, if there is even a hint of that soreness in the throat, it is time to immediately take one. If my supply is exhausted, then it’s off to the nearest store. This even if and especially if at night. It needs to be taken before the onset of the infection to prevent it from going full throttle.

That is it.

Follow the package directions. No citrus before or after for how ever long. There are a few other warnings. Don’t over dose or you will get sick. Follow the directions.

If it Doesn't Work, You Need to See a Doctor

    The most important direction, if it doesn’t work, you may need to see a doctor. The news media has produced the greatest disservice to mankind by the stories going around that doctors are over supplying antibiotics.

Even if it is True, Hear This Story

    Unattended sore throats that do not get better in short order can lead to permanent health damage. The most basic way doctors treat them involves antibiotics.

    I have a dear friend in his early 50’s who believed the media when they said doc’s over use antibiotics. He now has an artificial heart valve as a reminder of how the media can let a good story get in the way of the truth. His journey started with an unattended painful to swallow throat. It ended with his being on disability.

    One last thing, no one is paying me to say this. I do not make any money for my endorsement. This is something that is so marvelous, so good, I just want everyone to know, especially those in public speaking.

    It is my chance to pay it forward to society for all the good that has happened to me in my life. If you would like to pay it forward, please pass this URL on to a dear friend.

    Enjoy and good health to you.

    Warmest regards,

    Jonathan Steele, RN

    PS. a big proponent of and expert on the Water Cures, one aspect of the protocol Dr. B recommended was daily food grade zinc supplements. Zinc is not just for sore throats, rather for our overall health.

    All zinc lozenges work on the treatment, relief and elimination of that unique throat pain. Some work and are a better remedy than others.

    Before getting into the particulars, first consider what a sore throat is. Next consider why zinc lozenges work. Finally, which is best.

    Or you can skip to the bottom and find out which I recommend first. (Please note: I do not get any money for recommending this product.)

    More on Public Speaking Health or if you like, continue reading more on sore throats.

What is A Sore Throat?

    Sore throats are almost as common as the cold. If you have one, you will experience a raw, burning, sometimes scratchy feeling in your throat. Sometimes the undesirable sensation will go above the area where you swallow. It will feel as though it is going up into the beginning of your sinus.

    The reason they are as common as a cold is because they are often caused by the same virus. For many, they are a precursor of a cold. Sore throats can also be caused by bacteria.

    A sore throat can be caused by chemical, mechanical and physiological means.

    Medicines, radiation treatment, intubation can lead to sore throat. There are a few specific treatment often used in the hospital that is effective for these kind of sore throats. Zinc is not necessarily one of them.

    Then there is dust, smoke, fumes form chemicals that can irritate the mucosa membranes or the throat. Zinc is not necessarily the right choice here either.

    Continued loud talking and chronic coughing can also do damage. Not yet.

    Lets not leave out dental infections as a possible cause.

    Beyond these, the ones caused by bacteria and viral infections are the primary types of sore throats that benefit from Zinc.

How Does it Work

    Evidence Based Medicine and Evidenced Based Nursing have taken health care a long way. Yet in our recent past, many lessons learned have proved invaluable.

    One of those lessons I learned in a small rural community hospital. Wounds that just wouldn’t seem to heal would get zinc oxide. It did double duty. It prevented any new bacteria from getting in to the weakened tissue and it prevented the proliferation of any unwanted germs already thriving and preventing healing.

    Only problem, zinc, a mineral needed to sustain life, tastes bad.

    Along came a company that figured out a way to make it taste better that the previous horrible taste they would have had. A cure was born.

    Now when you suck on a piece of candy, the zinc coats your throat. Proliferation is halted and your body can do what it does naturally. Additionally, your mucous membranes are among the fastest way to absorb medicine into the blood stream.

    So at the same time the zinc is fighting and killing off a bazillion invading bugs on the front lines, it is secretly sneaking up from behind enemy lines and killing off any remaining ones not killed in the frontal assault.

Follow The Directions

    Again, a word of caution. Follow the package insert directions. If you take too much, you can get sick, usually an upset stomach.

    Many health practitioners suggest if it doesn’t get better in a few days go see a doctor. If it doesn’t get better within one week, you really need to go see a doctor.

    As said at the beginning, not all sore throats are created equal. Some could be caused by and be a sign or symptom of a serious health condition.

    Be balanced, be healthy, and if you’re a speaker, give great speeches, free of a sore throat.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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