Speak and Cruise Free

Use Your Talent to Get Free Cruise Ship Passage

Can you really speak and cruise free. Absolutely.

Yes, it is possible to use your skill and talent to teach, present or speak and cruise free. This is because of special programs set up by cruise ships to fill a need they have.

A Recession Buster

    In bygone years and harder times, people used to trade or barter services. This is how they made ends meet when providing for their needs. Well, bartering is alive and well in this modern world we live in.

    You can barter your skill and talent into free passage on a cruise ship. What better way to promote yourself, get a free vacation and network with a lot of people. All because the cruise ship needs you.

    The cruise industry calls these enhancement or enrichment programs.

    These programs are designed to offer an extra value to the passengers on sea days.

    Sea days are the days the ship is traveling between ports of call. At night there are shows scheduled. During the days numerous other activities are available to entertain or enhance the cruise experience. This way there will always be something to do.

    The cruise lines want to offer as many different choices as possible. The more they can offer, the greater the passenger satisfaction. This is a business that is focused on customer satisfaction and the experience.

    If you have never cruised, you are in for the experience of a life time. If you become part of the passenger experience, you will get to have the experience of a life time for free.

10 Most Common Ways to Speak and Cruise Free

    This report outlines the 10 most common ways you can cruise for free.

    Oh yea, it is not just for public speakers. You can cruise if your skills will enhance the cruise experience in any way and the cruise line is interested.

    If your an artist like me, there is a special suggestion at the end of the report.

    Before you move on to the report can I ask a favor?

    If you know anyone who would be interested in this special report, please encourage them to sign up for the e-Zine. Although you can get this information elsewhere on the web, it is only through this offering that a special bonus will be offered.

    This is a bonus that will help ensure your success at moving into professional public speaking.

    Before you look at the top 10 Enhancement Programs, let me do for you what you will need to do for your audience. It is the most important aspect of your presentation.

    Before you look at the top 10 Programs, there is one thing you will need to do for your audience as an enhancement provider.

    This is essential for you to understand this principle even to be able to get the job.

    As you look at the Speak and Cruise Free Top 10 Enhancement Programs, think of and provide for your audience what is being providing for you as you read what is next...

Speak and Cruise Free, Show Whats In It for Me?

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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