Speaking of Whats Next

The Next Big Thing Can Help You Cruise Free

10. Speaking of Whats Next

    What ever is the next hottest thing could be fodder for your next cruise lecture.

    If your thinking, “But I don’t speak on any of the topics you recommended” then this last one is for you.

    Yes its true, few cruise ship guests will be as fascinated as I am about the indo-chronic properties of resublimated Thytimoline let alone be able to say it. There is still hope for you. If you can speak, if you have mastered the oratory arts, then here is your topic.

    I have a theory about this. I do believe that if someone was to get Clayton Christensen’s best selling book Seeing What’s Next and condense the information into an entertaining format you would have a hit.

    It would have to be limited to a one hour lecture. It would have to be very lively.

    A lot of people who are looking for their next investment once they get back will give rapt attention.

    And if you don’t have a topic to speak on, this is perfect. All it will require is some research, study and practice.

An Example

    For instance where he talks of the disruption of the automobile industry, do a web search on automobiles and alternative energy. You will find info on 100 mpg cars and air powered cars that will go from Florida to California on one tank of gas. That is only the tip of the ice-burg (no global warming pun intended).

Pond Scum and Your Car

    One search turned up algae as the new frontier of biofuel. If i understand it correctly, it has 30 times more yield than corn when it comes to producing fuel. And it grows automatically. All that has to be done is harvest it. Yes, the day may come when we drive our cars on pond scum.

    This is just one example of a topic that could be interesting to some in the audience. Any good speaker always has several related topics to speak on. Usually the best speakers will go into the audience prior to the lecture and get a feel for some of the things that the audience may be interested in.

    Further, if it is mostly women, men, older or younger, the talk will need to be tailored to make sure the lecture is audience focused.

    There you have it. The ten ways speakers and others cruise for free.

    There is a little speaking of whats next bonus here. I said there would be a special section for artist. If your an artist you will find an 11th way to cruise for free. It has not been tried by me yet. It is only under investigation but it may just be an idea you want to run with.

Next See How Artist May be Able to Start Cruising Free. #11

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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