Speech Therapist

What They Are, What They Do

Can a speech therapist help you? The traditional role of this kind of therapist involves the diagnosis and treatment of speech, voice, and language disorders. They assist people who cannot make sounds or are unable to make them clearly.

Where Are Speech Therapists Found

    They are often seen in the hospital working with stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injury and mentally disabled patients. One of the first and most important functions is the swallowing test to make sure patients experiencing difficulties can safely eat.

    After the diagnosis is made, treatment is started. In clinical practice it involves being part teacher, trainer, coach and counselor. The work they do extends to the family.

    One of the most common speech pattern treated is stuttering. Veteran news personality John Stossel, a very fluent TV speaker, once had a problem with stuttering.

    A considerable part of a speech therapist care revolves around speaking to families and patients not only in training but also motivating and coping.

    What They Are, What They Do Some therapists have extended their practice to work with professional public speakers helping them with a wide variety of speech challenges.

    What They Are, What They Do Now they take experienced and motivated speakers and make them even better. The abilities they help you discover will astound you.

    Areas they can help with include hyper-nasality and hypo-nasality, inappropriate pitch, and harsh voice qualities. The training they offer is expensive and requires dedication from the student. It is well worth its value because of the remarkable effects that come about for those who are serious and diligent learners.

How to find a therapist right for you.

    Ask for references. Any professional worth their fee will usually have a number of satisfied customers who will offer to give testimonials. Contact info may be provided in the form of e-mail and or other means.

    If the person has graciously offered to speak up, respect their time and privacy by keeping your calls short and on point. You might want to tell in 15 seconds who you are and why your calling. Then make your request related to what specifics you would like to know about the skills of your potential provider. One word of caution. You will get many who will say no body has ever asked or we cannot provide that information.

No Body Has Asked That Before

    You will run across those who will say either they cannot give that info out or nobody has ever asked for that information before. If you truly want to get the best provider, you need to get past this barrier.

      As an example, consider my search for a web host. In building this web site, I looked at or visited hundreds of web sites. From there invitations were sent out to consider potential builders.

      Most said exactly like above. The exception was my host. They not only claimed they had 63% of web sites in the top 3% of all sites, they offered independent proof. Even more, they listed and insisted I check them out. They provided a few hundred for me to visit.

      One web host told me they couldn’t give out info on the sites they build as it was confidential. I asked if they were open to the pubic sites and they said yes. They couldn’t provide the information still.

      By the way, none of the web site builders could or would do that. Perhaps there were no satisfied site owners. Maybe they wanted my money and not my success.

      Satisfaction is only one side of the equation. Through the sites provided by my site host it was possible to check out a few unhappy owners.

      My site host was far more than I could have ever hoped for. If you would like more information, please contact me through the suggestions and I will be happy to share with you personally my web building experience.

    This is a concern in health care because of confidentiality laws. The solution, ask them to get in touch with some of their past patients who were extremely satisfied and give your contact information. This way their patient info is kept confidential and they can contact you.

Other Ways to Find A Speech Therapist

    If this still doesn’t get you any help, start talking in your network. Ask if anyone knows of a speech therapist who works with public speakers or entertainers. You can ask any entertainers you know or at shows you take in. Talk to the individual who used the services. What did they like and dislike?

    Additional resources to find one, go through the speech therapist at your local hospital. They will know someone in the field. From there, look for a therapist who works with entertainers.

    You can get testimonials although it may take some work.

    What ever you may want to accomplish in your speaking, a speech therapist will almost certainly be able to help you improve.

Speechmastery.com: The Speech Therapist Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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