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How Can People be a Speech Topic Source?

The last of the list of speech topics is perhaps the best speech topic source. When it comes to topic research and topic information, people are the best source of stories and experiences. These real life examples can move an audience. Consider a few places to find them.

Some may not be used right away. Keep them in a file because they may come in handy in the future.

Happy hunting for your public speech topic source.

29. Good Listening: Like the grocery store, find out what the buzz is at the local coffee shop or diner. Listen to what people are talking about. Look for trends.

30. Environmental groups: These organizations have projects, issues, unusual animal’s sightings, field trips, and LECTURES and sometimes need speakers. So you could get a speech topic and a chance to speak.

One of my human speech topic sources concerned with the environment lead me to a business that produces bugs and sells them to the forestry departments. These friendly bugs eat another kind of bug that destroy a regional tree. They provided me with a packet of info and CD's. A ready made research packet great for an environmental speech.

31. Trends: What is the latest trend and what is its impact on the community? It might be a building boom or shopping trend. It might be a new toy. It could even be something less desirable like a dump. All create issues with people taking sides. More importantly, there is a need for information as to how to best deal with the trend.

Each one is a potential speech topic source to consider. If not used now, keep a file for the future.

32. Cemeteries: Tomb Stone Reading is not just a hobby. It is a rich source of speech topics. Topics come in several varieties. Notice the ages and trends of when the people died. Notice life spans.

Notice the dash. The dash is perhaps your greatest speech topic source. What filled in that dash? That little line between the birth and death is a life of memories and experiences. Notice the words and comments on the tomb stones.

One cemetery had head stones with the inscription, "Awaiting a Glorious Resurrection." The people died in the late 1800’s. Evidentially their belief in death and dying was different than what the masses believe today. Who were they and why the different belief?

33. Demographics: Again off to the library and a meeting with the Research Librarian. Ask for the books that have demographic statistics. You’ll find community populations, age breakdowns, and income for starters. Then you can look at employment, education level, even how many of your neighbors will fall and break their hips this next year. How do the stats from your community compare with the national averages?

The librarian is not only a speech topic source, consider this contact a resource.

34. The Barber / Hairdresser: A barber is to your hair what a bartender is to your drink. A session in the chair can give you several potential speech topics. They usually hear what’s happening in the community from someone who came in before you. Personally I have not got any speech topics but I have got numerous historical and anecdotal stories to spice up my speeches. They are invaluable to me.

35. Community Center: Check out the bulletin board. This is where information is posted by all kinds of organizations. It could be considered your personal speech topic source bulletin board.

36. Welfare Agencies: You might not think this a source of topics but think what they do to help the poor. What is the impact? Is it working? Are the poor benefiting from the programs? Welfare is a very emotionally charged subject and highly debated. Agencies can often give statistics and information. You will find them helpful in providing research information which make them a great speech topic source.

37. Take a Walk and Talk: Visit the local businesses and ask business people what folks are talking about in town? Make sure and hand out your card. Tell them your looking for topics for an upcoming speech, training session, or what ever the event your speaking for. Focus on issues? What great things are happening, what is the good news and what stories beg to be told? As speech topic sources go, it doesn't get much more real than this.

38. The grocery store: Two places here, one on the bulletin boards and the other in the lines. Yes, go for the longest one. Scan the magazine cover headlines first and then ask the person in front of you their thoughts about the headlines. Find out what they think and feel.

39. Nursing Homes: This will require a friend of the family to make an introduction. Do not get discouraged about finding someone. We are only separated by 6 people (6 degrees of separation) from knowing everyone on the planet.

The man mentioned above who died at 105, well I had him as a patient. When asked what the world was like when he was younger said,” It wasn’t that bad of a place, till Hoover took office.” He was full of stories of a rich and full life.

If you go this route, make sure and get the best portable high fidelity recording system that you can and record your interview. It will be a treasure for future generations. Again, don't think speech topic source, think resource. They are living breathing historians.

Even though this next one is a web based source, it is with the human list because the articles are human driven. This is what people are reading and voting for. The closer a speaker can come to what the audience is interested in, the easier time reaching the audience. It is a wonderful speech topic source and resource because it is people driven and provides a portion of the research for you.

40. Interactive sites like Digg De.lic.ous and other social book marked sites. The more human interactive the more reliable they are as to being alive issues and speech topics.

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