How to Find Your Speech Topics

Forty Sources for Ideas and Information

When thinking of speech topics I think of rock worms and rock mites. What do these slimy critters have to do with giving a speech? Finding fish food for fishing and brain food for an audience such as a speech topic can both be accomplished by digging.

Here you will find a number of lists. You will have to dig to find a topic that suits your needs. Dig to find one that your knowledgeable in. Once you have found a topic, check it out to see if you can reasonably put together a public speech on the topic.

Speech Topics

Frugal Public Speaking Topics

Frugal Concepts Speech Topics with keyword research.

Frugal Public Speaking Topics For School, these will be a hit.

Interesting Topics for a Speech

How to Topics A list by category of how to public speaking topics.

Demonstrative Public Speaking Topics For School or those wanting to become professional public speakers. This is a list of speech topics.

Argumentative Speech Topics

People Speech Topics

Culture Speech Topics

History Speech Topics

Where to Look for Speech Topics

Why not turn over a few rocks right now, to find topics to create a speech that will hit home and that your audience will be connected with? I found over 40 places you can research for topics.

Persuasive Topics for Free This is a bit different way to find both a topic and the information on the topic.

Good Informative Topics New for 2010... A list of good informative topics to write a speech on.

Informative Speech Topics A comprehensive list of speech topics, ones you can use as informative topics.

Informative Speech Splork Topics has the second best list of splork speech topics available on the web. Try saying that three times fast.

Informative Speech Topics Resource Resources on computers, entertainment, medical, real estate, travel and more. How to build a website resources and a socially important topic: how to stop bullying resources can be found here.

Informative Speech Niche and row rich. Learn how here.

Informational Public Speaking Topics: This is just a compilation of the above links.

Persuasive Speech Ideas

Demonstration Speech Topics

Fun Persuasive Topics Just a bunch of fun topics.

You can find things to interest your audience next door to wherever you are and the topics right down the street.

  • What’s the local buzz?
  • What’s the local interest?
  • What’s a hot topic?

Revocable Living Trusts are interesting and controversial. There are some professional people that do not want the truth to be known about these. They are wonderful tools to help you disinherit your lawyer.

Speak to the Benefits, Not the Features

Living Trust Privacy Benefit is one of the several benefits associated with a RLT

Persuasive Topics For Speeches and the references to help you research.

The Splork Persuasive Topic For Speeches and the start of the Persuasive Speech Splork Topics thread. This is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding of persuasive speech topics since they do not exist.

Persuasive Speech has the first of three splork speech topics lists.

More Speech Splork Topics has the third of three lists of splork public speaking topics.

Controversial Speech-Topics are always a great way to activate the minds of an audience. They need to be tactful, respectful, and in line with unwritten social laws. Do you know what would be an appropriate controversial topics and what would not?

The Evolution Theory is an example of a controversial topic that would enable you to shine.

Good Speech-Topics can be found in the news and the Market place.

Market Theories and how markets work make great subjects for business oriented and interested audiences.

Money Speech Topics are timely given the world economy. How will you handle a speech on money to best capture the audience's attention? Find a few suggestions here.

Death is a great topic to bring to life in a speech.

In my youth, bait for fishing could be obtained by picking it from a bin and buying it or digging in the dirt for the perfect bait. In the Colorado Rockies, rock worms were the meal of choice for many of my best catches.

As it turned out, on moving to Far Rockaway, NY they have a bug that lives near the water under the rocks also. Rock mites, they made great bait as well.

Fish Fodder and Topics for Speaking

To find the bait or fodder for the fish, I had to turn over some rocks and do some digging. Those hidden critters always worked best. I had a theory as to why they worked better than night crawlers. They were closer to the natural food the fish ate.

The topics you search for will have a greater chance of being timely and have a greater appeal if you find it in the soil where the soul and spirit of your audience resides.

Like the bait store, there are numerous sites with lists of speech topics providing fodder for persuasive, informational, motivational and inspirational speeches.

If you want fresh, live and squirming subject matter, I have a list of places to start turning over rocks to find the topic for your next speech.

There is a bonus to doing this. You will find fodder for future speeches in the research you do now. So start a file. Organize and manage the data you collect. But wait there is more.

These topics often come with built-in research too. Think about it, a speech topic and at the same time the topic research. This is because the related topic information is usually connected at the hips to the topic idea. You can find these at your nearest internet browser.

True to Life Stories

Speechmastery involves story telling mastery. You can create fiction. True life stories will have a more powerful effect on your audience. This list is ripe with potential stories backed up with newspaper articles or names and dates that can be confirmed.

To get these stories you need to turn over rocks, you need to do some digging. Keep looking and you will improve your effectiveness as you develop fresh speech ideas.

This list of 40 places to find current and relevant topics in most cases also provides a portion of the research for your next speech topic. In other cases it may expose you to quotes or comments from real people. The advantage of this list is that it is a living breathing list with current issues and topics. These are topics that are affecting people right now.

Here are three different rocks for you to turn over and search under.

Banking Issues Topics

Real Estate Issues Topics

Investing Topics

Additionally, consider these...

Electronic Public Speaking Topics includes the internet, the Blogsphere, Forums, Radio and Television.

Topics in Print include newspaper, magazines, obituaries, billboards, news letters, even weather reports.

In Personal Topic Finder could take you from the barber shop to the cemetery. Where ever you find people. Listening and observation skills are essential to find a topic this way. Look at numerous places to find topics including one of the best, a nursing home.

These links will deliver 40 places to dig and more than enough speech topics to get you started on your research for the body of your speech. The Public Speaking Web Site

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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