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Our e-book for stress management and memory enhancement is still being worked on. We wanted our visitors to have a free sample of some of what we will be offering. Our guide will be small, only about 35 pages. It will have some basic old standards and some new things too.

For instance, a common thinking is to avoid carbohydrates at noon. The reason is the crash that results. It turns out this is great wisdom for all but one group of people. Some actually do better than others when they eat carbohydrates. A whole lot better. Which one are you?

The Personal Guide to Stress Reduction, Memory Enhancement, and Increase Brain Efficiency.

  • Which foods enhance mental performance?
  • Which foods decrease mental performance?
  • You may know chocolate is good brain food but which is best?

College Finals Stress

    First let me tell you how it all got started. Reading an article reminded me of the stress of college finals.

    It seems one of the ultimate pressure reducer is also one of the most intimate things we can do.

    The 2006 article in New Scientist touted Sex "Cuts Public Speaking Stress." The study by Stuart Brody, a University of Paisley psychologist has implications and applications for all stressful situations.

    The real world application poses a major problem. More and more young people are maintaining their celibacy till marriage.

    As a nurse and personally seeing and treating the unwanted children born out of wedlock and watching people die from the diseases that come from moral freedom society exercises, I have to commend this stand. The resulting stress is not worth it.

    One major flaw in the study was a lack of a control group with the many alternatives available in this booklet.

Stress Jobs

    If you’re a speaker, a Realtor, a nurse, lawyer, a student, or part of any of a number of other pressure filled jobs, you may not be aware that there are numerous ways to decompress that are readily available. Some of the best are found in what we eat and what we think.

    The personal guide is a compilation of some of the best.

Stress Reducers and Brain Boosters

    Here is a small sampling of the several dozen ways to boost brain power and simple pressure reducers available.

Page 33 Smell…Sweet Smell of Success

    The scents to keep in mind when you want to increase beta waves and maintain a heightened sense of awareness in the brain….Rosemary and Basil.

    For study or cramming, put the two oils in a diffuser and start smelling your way to an A memory.

    Next, take a few drops and put onto a cloth, place in a small plastic bag. Just before the fateful moment begins take in a sniff.

    It is easier to remember what you learn in the same atmosphere you learned it, or in this case, smelled it.

    Word of caution…they are also stimulants. Avoid using late into the evening or the result can be counter productive if you cannot get to sleep.

Page 32 Hearing…Listening Your Way to an A

    Some music has been found to increase beta waves in the brain. This increases the ability of the brain to function.

    Best benefits are boosting long term memory, improving critical thinking skill, and increasing the processing speed

    The current popular music doesn’t work here.

    Best bet, classical music like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven

    Also consider Jazz. These beta boosting music types will help with your analytical skills.

    If you would like to do more personal research look at psychoacoustics.

Page 26 Supplements…Vitamins and Minerals

    What: Zinc

    Source: wheat germ, beans, tofu, white turkey meat, lean beef and pork, crab meat, lobster

    Cautions: Too much can result in zinc toxicity.

    Even worse, high levels are associated with nerve damage and memory loss, poorer mood, depression and anxiety.

    It also is thought to interfere with the absorption of copper which is associated with positive moods.

    Unless fighting a sore throat or illness, best to get from foods.

    Effects: Improves brain health and function

    When: Part of daily dietary habit.

    How it Works: It may have a calming effect on the firing action of the brain cells. It plays a part in regulating communication between brain cells.

    Bonus: If you are getting a sore throat, this will knock it out. Zinc lozenges may taste slightly bad to some. Their power to kill a sore throat is nothing less than amazing. Personally, I have not had a sore throat since one of the surgeons I worked for turned me on to them.

Page 8 Brain Thing…Mental Memory

    What: Brain Optimization Try “Habitual Switching” to Improve Your Answer Batting Average.

    To align the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that they communicate together. Try these simple exercises.

    1. Use your non-dominant hand to perform non-critical tasks. Write your name with your non-dominant hand. Try flinging a Frisbee with your weaker side. Open doors or hold things in the same fashion. Exercise with your roommates by shaking hands using your left hand.

    2. Cross your arms. Notice that one hand is on top and the other is under an arm. Now switch your position. Do this 7 times. It will act as a router switch in your mind connecting the two hemispheres.

    Source: Personal motivation

    Cautions: Avoid doing it when you're driving, operating dangerous equipment, or are in situations where dexterity is critical.

    Effects: Gets both halves of brain communicating with each other.

    How Much: Procedures can be done several times. Habitual switching movements can be done consciously throughout the day.

    When: Anytime during waking hours.

    How it Works: Causes brain to communicate by consciously making it work in modes other than those by memory and habit. When we work by habit we stop thinking. It keeps the brain working.

Page 20 Wonderful Water

    Often overlooked, avoid tap water in favor of filtered water. Drink a minimum of seven to eight glasses to a maximum of half your body weight in ounces of water.

    If you weigh 250, then 125 ounces. Sounds like a lot. It is and may have to be worked up to. It is based on an interesting theory of the doctor who wrote “Your Bodies Many Cries for Water.” Check out the book to get the full story. Till then, seven to 8 glasses.

    Failure to maintain proper minimum hydration could result in failure of your final.

    It takes a day to work. So what you drink today will be your body hydration tomorrow, unless you use one simple, cheap additional thing that you dissolve in your mouth.

    Add one simple thing to the regimen and you have instant 4 hour energy and 4 hour memory.

Would you like more stress reducers?

  • Which vitamins and minerals are essential?
  • What ice cold drink heated to 90,000 Scoville will boost your energy and turbo charge your blood?
  • How can you get some sleep on a stressful night before an important day?
  • If you use Ginkgo or St Johns, which food do you absolutely need to avoid or possibly find your self in the ER?

There is much more…

  • What are brain foods that improve memory?
  • Which have the potential to decrease memory?

The Personal Guide to Stress Reduction, Memory Enhancement, and Increase Brain Efficiency.

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