Subliminal Advertising

Can You Make Your Speech Persuasive

If you have read Snopes take on subliminal advertising you will walk away thinking it does not work. However, if if does not work, why do so many commercials flood our minds with images of things we supposedly need. At some level it works

Consider how it can work.

The art of persuasion starts with art.

We are persuaded by visual cues. It is part of the hard wiring of our brains to pick up on visual images and be influenced by them. Once those images are there, it takes a long time for them to go away.

A second way we are persuaded is with words. Using some words will have more of an effect than using other words. Words have power. Notice in this video how the words used were the triggers to release the images.

Included in the use of words is the way we deliver them. Tone, pace, pitch and power add to our ability to influence by the use of words.

This presents some interesting implications for public speaking. Implications if it is used properly.

The video below is no longer available for embedding. You will have to go to YouTube to be able to see it.

Two graphic artist were hired to create a commercial logo for a man who had a new business venture. He told them what the concept was, what he was looking for and even showed them a big stuffed bear.

He then videoed their creative process. He then had them open an envelope that had a drawing in it. The drawing was very similar to the one the two artist had drawn.

In the end of the video it was shown how the two artist were driven around so as to be exposed to the visual cues that were to be in the finished art.

It took a considerable amount of work to arrange it. It is quite telling.

Click Here to see the Subliminal Advertising Video

Armed with this information, consider how it could be possible to enhance your public speaking, Power Point Presentations, or Keynote Presentations if your a Mac user.

This is so powerful that we will be back to share more on this.

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