The Law of Allowing

We live in a marvelously diverse world. As children, we accept everyone and just about everything. Yet as we grow, we learn prejudice and intolerance.

Ask yourself...are you here to be the judges of everyone or anyone else on this planet?

As kids, we do not know the difference between races. It is learned behavior.

If we can learn to accept others as they are and not be concerned with what they are not, we will improve our lives. How can we expect to change another when we are a constant work in progress. Allow others to learn, grow and be the masters of their own existence. Allowing them to be will improve your own ability to be the best you can be.

Remember these four letters and what they stand for...IJDM!

It Just Doesn’t Matter

A guy who cuts you off in traffic. Does it matter that he did? In the big scheme of things, what difference does it make.

Do you own the road?

How many times has an incident such as being offended in traffic resulted in someone pulling a gun and shooting someone. Just let it go.

Likewise, if someone wants to pass you, why not just allow them. Someone wants to be rude to you, ignore them. Someone is unkind to you, just assume they are having a bad hair day. Maybe they are having a bad hair life.

The bottom line, learn to allow the things that do not matter.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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