The Law of Being Worthy

The law of being worthy is not really a law, rather a con perpetuated on mankind by the oldest evil one. As such, it is not part of the law of attraction in the sense that you will find here. Perhaps there are some ways that it is correct. Here are the ways it is not.

From one standpoint, the law of being worthy holds that we are deserving of what ever we want. This holds that we are gods and goddesses. This is not true if we want to follow the teachings of the Bible. The word god means mighty one. There is only one Almighty God. There have been numerous gods through out history including human, mythical and idols.

We are also taught not to think more of ourselves than is necessary to think. This means that we do have to assign ourselves self worth. We have to care about ourselves, our health and our life. A measure of worthiness is not only appropriate, it is necessary. But only to a limit.

You Deserve

    The challenge with the law of being worthy comes from the statement, "you deserve."

    There is a fallacy with the belief that we deserve anything more than our life, liberty, justice and to be treated like a fellow participants heading toward the finish line in the race we call human.

    McDonald's probably first said that “You Deserve a Break Today.” Deserve has since become a buzz word used by marketers through the years.

    Is the American obesity problem due to to the fact we feel we deserve the doughnut, steak or thick rich shake? And if we are lazily and doing nothing, do we deserve anything? Is this deserve mentality the reason for the welfare mentality of the world we live in?

    And as to the stuff, the chattel in our lives, are we as a society at all to blame, even in part? We were constantly told we deserve to have beyond our means. The foreclosures of many are because they opted to have more than could be afforded. Forget about putting our kids through college or how we will pay the next bill in in the mailbox.

    And that we are gods. In the first temptation, the woman was told that if she ate the forbidden fruit, she would become just like God. Interestingly, she was told that she would be like God in being able to choose for herself what was good or bad. Choosing for ourselves rather than listening to our conscience or even a higher source of moral guidance that says we only deserve what we earn and work for.

    The law of attraction action is proof that this can in some ways be nothing more than a con.

    Yes, the law of being worthy is a con. The only thing we are worthy of is our life, our ability to be, liberty and freedom. Of course, whether we get these may depend on the country we are born into.

    Beyond that, we would be nothing more than thankless kids who rush up to dad asking what he got them with out even greeting him. The you deserve movement is a con that has been continued by marketers, and feeds the need for greed inside us.

    By definition, if a law is broken, there is a sanction. If this was a true law, then what would be the sanction for not feeling like we deserved things that we did not work for? Would we would be punished with greater wealth, greater savings, greater freedom from stuff, freedom from having to be cool?

    Would we have more by having less. More time spent with loved ones rather than maintaining all the stuff that we supposedly deserve, regardless of whether we work for it or not. And when you die, what of those things that you deserve will you be taking with you. What will be of value then.

    Having been with and even held numerous people in m y arms as they died, the most important thing that most have at that moment is their loved ones and the memories that they shared.

    What do you really want?

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